The Berlin International Economics Congress 2013

Intercultural Relations, Youth Development Advancement, Environmental Responsibility & Ecotourism: Opportunities for Successful Nation Branding in the 21st Century

(Berlin; March 6th - 10th, 2013)

Innovative Nation Branding Strategies for the 21st Century

(March 6th - 8th, 2013)

The program will consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, debates, and panel discussions that will feature leading figures and experts in the fields of International Economics & Politics, Academia, Development, Tourism, Marketing & Advertising, and Civil Society.

The program will focus on the following issues:

Innovative Nation Branding Strategies in a Globalized World

  • The Process and Progress of Nation Branding and National Brands in the 21st Century
  • The Importance of the Cultural Aspects for Contemporary Nation Branding Campaigns
  • Understanding and Shaping National Brands in the Communication Age
  • Nation Branding, Youth Development Advancement and Environmental Responsibility

Nation Branding Global Politics and Intercultural Relations

  • Strengthening Intercultural Relations and Increasing Foreign Investment
  • International Relations and Nation Branding in the Communication Age
  • Comprehensive Strategies for the Future: Linking Nation Branding, Multiculturalism and International Investment Policies
  • Nation Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility in a Globalized World

Environmental Responsibility & Ecotourism

  • The Development of Ecotourism in the 21st Century
  • Nation Branding, Environmental Responsibility & Ecotourism
  • Cultural Diplomacy and Sustainable Tourism
  • High Levels of Tourism and a Strong National Brand

International Economics: Integrating Fair and Free Trade

  • Fair Trade: Understanding the relation of Fair Trade to Sustainable Tourism and International Investment
  • Current and Future Free Trade Areas: the Political, Economic, and Cultural Dimensions