The Berlin International Economics Congress 2013

Intercultural Relations, Youth Development Advancement, Environmental Responsibility & Ecotourism: Opportunities for Successful Nation Branding in the 21st Century

(Berlin; March 6th - 10th, 2013)

"Environmental Responsibility & Climate Change"

(March 10th, 2013)

According to the UN Millennium Development Goals, environmental sustainability has become a priority in guarantying a safe future for following generations. Climate change is significantly affecting increasing poverty conditions in developing countries, and therefore immediate solutions for a sustainable planet are necessary in working towards global stability.

This congress will explore and discuss issues concerning environmental responsibility and climate change challenges and proposed solutions. The event will focus on the importance of building and supporting dialogue between science and civil society in order to create awareness and provide viable solutions through domestic and international policy considerations.

Program Agenda

The program will focus on the following issues:

Program Aims include:
  • To improve awareness of and focus on current climate change issues and their relevance for a necessary change in cultural habits
  • To promote further cooperation between environmental and scientific institutions and civil society organizations
  • To explore and underline all dimensions of the relationship between poverty and climate change
Program Themes include:
  • Climate Change Migration, the New Global Challenge
  • Climate Change and Human Rights: Defining the Multilateral Governance Framework
  • Contemporary governmental and inter-government regulation on climate change
  • Climate Change as a Top Priority on the Global Political Agenda
  • The Impact of Civil Society on Governmental Policies in regards to Climate Change
  • The Rise of Green Politics as a Global Ideology and Global Priority
  • The Challenges of Emerging Economies in Embracing Environmental Policies
  • Civil society's role in tackling climate change issuesClimate change and sustainable tourism in an interdependent climate
  • Cultural Diplomacy as a way to address environmental responsibility and Climate Change Issues