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The ICD Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2012

"The Power of the Arts & Culture to Promote Democracy & Global Peace"

(Berlin; December 13th - 16th, 2012)


"The World Comes Together"

The ICD Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2012 is the world’s leading event in the field of cultural diplomacy and will include parallel large-scale events dedicated to the fields of cultural diplomacy & international relations, peace building, human rights, arts and culture.

The ICD Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2012 is the final concluding event of the Institutes Cultural Diplomacy. Taking place in Berlin, the aim of the conference is to review in detail, debate and evaluate the most significant developments in 2012 in the field of Cultural Diplomacy.

The conference will bring together current and former heads of state and ministers, as well as celebrities and dignitaries including an interdisciplinary group of participants traveling to Berlin from all over the world to discuss Cultural Diplomacy in our interdependent world.

Ranging from broad topics of discussion to specific areas within the field of Cultural Diplomacy, the annual conference will provide a wide and detailed analysis of Cultural Diplomacy for 2012.

Conference Locations »

Based in Berlin, the conference will be hosted at a number of important political, historic, and cultural locations across the city.

Conference Participants »

Participation in the conference is open to governmental & diplomatic officials, academics, artists, journalists, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, young professionals and students as well as other interested individuals from across the world.

If you would like to reserve a position and participate in the conference, please click on the "Apply Now" link below and fill out the online application form:

Conference Speakers »

The speakers during the Conference will include dignitaries and current and former heads of state and ministers, as well celebrated artists and leading figures and experts from international politics, the diplomatic community and civil society from across the world.

These speakers will include high number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board; to learn more about the ICD Advisory Board please click here

Artists/Speakers for the Conference include »
Ian Gillan
Singer & Song writer with Deep Purple (more)
President Pierre Nkurunziza
President of the Republic of Burundi (more)
Marcia Barrett
Lead Singer for the World renowned Band "Boney M" (more)
The Hon. Angeles González-Sinde
Former Minister of Culture of Spain (more)
The Hon. Francesco Rutelli
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy; Former Minister of Culture and Tourism (more)
Amb. Katalin Bogyay
President of the General Conference of UNESCO (more)
The Hon. Ekaterine Tkeshelashvili
Former Vice Prime-Minister, State Minister of Georgia for Reintegration (more)
The Hon. Anna Diamantopoulou (MP)
Former European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs & Equal Opportunities (more)
Undersecretary Mireya Agüero de Corrales
Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs of Honduras (more)
David Soul
Celebrated Actor, Director & Singer (more)
The Hon.Halldór Ásgrímsson
Secretary General for the Nordic Council of Ministers; Former Prime Minister of Iceland (more)
Maria de Belém Roseira (MP)
President of Socialist Party; Member of the Portuguese Parliament; Former Minister for Equality of Portugal (more)
The Hon. Stockwell Day
Former Minister of International Trade of Canada (more)
The Hon. Dr. Ruud Lubbers
Former Primeminister of the Netherlands; Former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (more)

Conference Agenda »

The 2012 Annual Conference will explore the contributions of Cultural Diplomacy, while using the arts and culture to promote successful peace building & reconciliation, human rights, multiculturalism and successful international relations. The Conference will be focused on four main themes whilst contributing each day of the conference to special field. The first day will be dedicated to the field of Peace building & Reconciliation; the second day to Human Rights; the third day to Multiculturalism and the final day to Arts, Culture & applied Cultural Diplomacy.

Participant Papers »

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy encourages academic research and analysis of issues related to the goals of the Conference. The ICD would therefore like to welcome the participants of the conference to submit a paper they would like to be considered for presentation at the Conference as well as being included in the proposal document that will be issued following the Conference and will be sent to all governments and leaders of the international community worldwide.

Certificate of Attendance

All conference participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance upon completion of the program, which will provide details of the speakers who took part and the topics discussed. Each certificate will be signed by two members of the ICD's Advisory Board.

Berlin Christmas Markets

Participants of the conference will have the opportunity to visit the famous Berlin Christmas markets while they are in Berlin.

Anyone who wants to experience the incomparable charm of "WinterMagic" has to come to Berlin! Berlin is the capital city of the German Christmas Markets. Whether one prefers a contemplative and magical Christmas Market or a lively and urban one, this year Berlin offers a choice of over sixty Christmas Markets spread across the city.