Nation Branding in a Globalized World

An International Conference on the Economic, Political, and Cultural Dimensions of Nation Branding

(Berlin; July 29th - August 1st, 2010)
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“Nation Branding in an Globalized World” is an international conference taking place over 4 days that will explore the concept of nation branding and its influence on the processes of globalization and increasing interdependence. The program will consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, debates and panel discussions that will feature leading figures from international politics & diplomacy, academia, marketing & advertising, and civil society. Participants of the program will also have the opportunity to experience Berlin through a series of cultural and social activities.

Related to the concept of soft power, a national brand can be understood as the reputation of a country and its population, the things it makes and does, and the way it makes and does them. Although examples of nation branding can be identified much earlier, the systematic analysis and measurement of national reputations has emerged over the last decade; the term “nation branding” was first used by Simon Anholt, the pioneer of the field, in 1998.

The emergence of the concept of nation branding, illustrated by the increasing use of nation branding techniques by the public and private sectors in many countries across the world, generates important issues for discussion for stakeholders in the fields of public diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, and international relations. Firstly, the concept itself must be explored from an interdisciplinary range of perspectives. Secondly, it is important to consider the consequences of individual national brands on the process of globalization and the increasing interdependence of the world. “Nation Branding in an Globalized World” has been developed to address these issues.

Program Agenda

Nation Branding in an Globalized World will consist of 4 complementary components:

What’s in a brand?
The program will begin by exploring in detail the history and development of the term “Nation Branding”, its definition, and the extent to which the term is open to interpretation. The opening part of the conference will also address the extent to which a country is able to shape its own brand, and what factors may enable or hinder this process.

New Actors, New Strategies
Having considered the meaning of the term “Nation Branding”, the second part of the program will move to analyze the different actors involved in shaping a country’s image abroad - including governments, private sector companies, individuals, and civil society organizations. The interaction between these actors, and the ways in which they can influence a country’s brand, will be considered in detail.

Economic, Political, and Cultural Benefits
The penultimate component part of the conference will explore the advantages for a country of having a strong nation brand – with particular reference to economics, politics, and the cultural sector. Case studies from across the world will be considered by an interdisciplinary group of speakers.

Nation Brands in an Interdependent World
The final part of the program will consider the complex relationship between the process of globalization and the generation of nation brands. It will explore the challenge of combining strong nation brands in an increasingly interdependent world, and will develop best practice guidelines for countries seeking to engage in nation branding.

Conference Speakers

The speakers during the Conference will include leading figures and experts from international politics, academia, the diplomatic community, civil society and the private sector, from across the world. These speakers will include a number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board (for further information about the Advisory Board please click here).

Conference Participants

The Conference participants will include young professionals and students, political and diplomatic representatives, scholars, journalists, civil society practitioners, economists, and other stakeholders in international relations from across the world.

Conference Locations »

The Conference will be based at the ICD House, located on the historic Kurfürstendamm in West Berlin. Sessions during the program will also take place at external locations including the German Foreign Office, the German Parliament, the Berlin City Hall, the Olympic Stadium, Berlin Embassies, and the Berlin Theatre on Kurfürstendamm. more

Certificate of Attendance

All participants of the Conference will be awarded an official certificate of attendance at the end of the program. This certificate will confirm attendance and provide details of the speakers who took part during the program and the topics discussed.

Sustainable Network

Participants of the Conference will become part of a growing international network of people from across the world with different fields of interest and levels of experience who share a commitment to intercultural exchange. Participants will be able to remain in touch with each other through the ICD Online Network.