The London Conference on Cultural Bridges 2013

"State Multiculturalism: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Political, Economic & Cultural Dimensions"

(London; March 20th - 22nd, 2013)

Conference Agenda

In an increasingly globalized and interdependent society, Multiculturalism has become a common occurrence, if not the standard, in the majority of European communities. However, with a myriad of world leaders claiming the notion to have failed, the question of whether Multiculturalism is relevant or even harmful in contemporary affairs has arisen. The aim of the London Conference on Cultural Bridges 2013 will be to examine in-depth the characteristics of Multiculturalism, with the ultimate goal being to present how cultural bridges can be effectively structured.

A number of prominent issues currently surrounding the notion of cultural diversity in Europe, mainly cultural, political, and economic dimensions will be analyzed, and participants will practically debate what patterns are needed in constructing a successful multicultural society. The Conference will furthermore look to other countries as examples, and will form a collective agreement on best integration practices.

The program will explore the following themes:
  • State Multiculturalism: Political, Economic & Cultural Dimensions
    • The Political and Economic Dimensions and the Implications of Contemporary State Multiculturalism Policies
    • Immigration, Integration, and Cultural Identity
    • Maintaining Cultural Variety in an Integrated Society
    • Ethnic Divides in Europe: Cultural Differences and Benefits
  • Educational Reform
    • Cultural & Ethnic Differences in the Academic Environment
    • The Nature-Nurture Debate: Changing the Mindsets of Future Generations
    • Education as a Solution to Multicultural Issues
    • The Potential Development of an Universal Language: Pros and Cons
    • Cultural Sensitivity: Necessity or Obstacle?
  • Understanding Religion
    • Religion as a Potential Barrier to Integration
    • Islamophobia in the West
    • Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in Europe: Can Society Accept What it Does Not Understand?
  • Cultural Diplomacy in Practice
    • Bridging Cultural Diversity: Ethnic Minority Nationals
    • The Potential Use of the Arts in Bridging the Gap between Cultures
    • The Role of Sport in Building Cultural Bridges: Case Study the 2012 Olympic Games
    • Football Against Racism in Europe: The 2012 Euro Cup and Beyond
    • The European Commission’s Culture Program: Implications for the Future Role of Cultural Diplomacy