The London Conference on Cultural Bridges 2013

"State Multiculturalism: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Political, Economic & Cultural Dimensions"

(London; March 20th - 22nd, 2013)

Conference Reviews

Expression of Gratitude

The ICD would like to express its warm thanks to all those who dealt with the outreach, planning, organization, and support of the "The London Conference on Bridges 2013", including: Karen Diop, Witold Wrótniak, Tjasa Sobocan Katarzyna Gluszak, Peter Dudič, and David Krajl.

The ICD and the organizers of the “The London Conference on Bridges 2013,” would further like to thank the participants and speakers of the conference, whose enthusiasm and participation were a vital contribution to the phenomenal success of our event.

We are pleased to make the following documentation available: