Membership Overview

Membership Overview

“Become a Member of the ICD to Create a Stronger Cultural Diplomacy Community”

The ICD offers membership of the ICD to individuals and organizations who are interested to support the field of cultural diplomacy. During the past years, the ICD has developed the field of cultural diplomacy and it now includes programs and initiatives ranging from supporting international relations, organizing cultural exchanges, and developing economic bridges. In addition, the field of cultural diplomacy has now been declared an academic field by accredited universities of the European Union according to the Bologna process and it is growing in magnitude and importance. By becoming a member of the ICD you are joining thousands of likeminded stakeholders from across the world, ranging from diplomats to young professionals, from government officials to artists, and from NGOs to multinational corporations. All members share a common belief in the importance of cultural understanding as an essential tool in the modern globalized world.

By becoming a member of the ICD you are supporting the field of cultural diplomacy and enabling a diverse range of activities such as:

  • Reducing violent conflicts, discrimination and clashes between cultures and groups
  • Enabling multiculturalism, cultural dialogue and exchange, and youth education and development
  • Promoting democracy, human rights, and good governance at the local and global levels
  • Developing and organizing international conferences on salient issues in international relations, global economy, peacebuilding, human rights, youth issues and cultural diplomacy
  • Holding forums that bring together young people from across the world to strengthen intercultural relations and cooperation
  • Creating and developing professional networks, and long lasting partnerships and friendships
  • Promoting and Supporting research in the field of cultural diplomacy

Membership Benefits

ICD Members benefit from the following:

  • A member of the ICD will receive a “Membership Certificate”, which will be sent to you immediately after receiving your membership subscription and financial contribution. The certificate will outline the area and the programs that you are supporting in the field of cultural diplomacy (Please see the registration form below for further details).
  • Members of the ICD will receive regular updates about the Cultural Diplomacy activities and in particular information regarding the specific area that you have indicated in your registration form.
  • Members of the ICD will receive information about new research, publications, and related developments in the field.
  • Members of the ICD will receive access to international networks of likeminded individuals in order to be able to develop additional initiatives, joint projects and beyond.
  • Members will receive invitations for events of the areas/projects that they specifically supported both in Berlin and around the world.
  • Members of the ICD will receive an automatic 15% discount on the participation cost of all ICD International Conferences, Weeklong Seminars, Certificate Programs and E-learning Courses.