Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Calendar of Academic Programs & Events for 2023

Calendar of Events for 2024

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy conducts a broad range of activities throughout the year that take the form of academic programs, international Conferences, day-long events, lectures, panel discussions, receptions and cultural events.

Below and on the left-hand side you will find one-click tabs, which will direct you to the calendar for our Academic Programs and International Conferences.

Our calendar of programs and events for 2024 includes the following:

Academic Programs »

This section includes an overview and all of the details of the academic programs offered by the ICD including: BA & Master Programs in Cultural Diplomacy, Certificate Programs in Cultural Diplomacy, E-Learning Programs in Cultural Diplomacy, PhD Program in Cultural Diplomacy and Weeklong Seminars in Cultural Diplomacy.

International Conferences »

This section includes a listing of all upcoming International Conferences hosted by the ICD around the world.