The ICD Internship Project

Discussion Panel Group

Discussion Panel Group

The ICD Discussion Panel Initiative aims to create an open public dialogue with the intention to raise awareness and create new opportunities for public discourse on important current issues in the field of culture, politics, and society. In particular we emphasize discussing issues that are not discussed enough in public and where there is a need for further dialogue, debate and exchange.

The ICD Discussion Panel organization team is made up of a group of ICD staff members, advisory board members, select interns and members that are interested in intellectually discussing current issues and important literature concerning topics around cultural diplomacy.

These discussions play an important role as well in guiding the thematic direction of the ICD. Through these open debates and discourse the ICD is able to keep a close ear to the most cutting edge topics and debates in the global society and then react quickly to include these debates in our programs, events, and academic curriculum.

Public Discussions