Event Reviews 2011

Event Reviews 2011


ICD Green Week »

(ICD House, December 5-8th, 2011)

The Event Was Organize by Amy Soar and Hannah Smith

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ICD interns volunteering at the Spandauer Christmas Market »

December 2011

In cooperation with Berlin Tafel and organized by Lücke. Linda

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Halloween across the Pond »

(ICD House, October 29th, 2011)

The Event was organized by Amy Soar and Thomas Fillis

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Swiss Event at ICD House: Swiss Culture in nearly all of its Aspects »

(ICD House, September 23rd, 2011)

The event was co-organized by Pierce Lohman & Vincent Mabillard

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Spanish Cultural Night in the ICD – A Taste of Spanish Culture in the heart of Berlin »

(ICD House, September 15th, 2011)

The event was organized by Clara López Pruńonosa and Nicolás Merino Cubillo. We would also like to thank Inés Burton García and all other interns who helped us during the event.

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Future Development of South Pacific Island Economies: Evening Reception with Exhibition and Panel Discussion »

(ICD House, September 15th, 2011)

The event was organized by Clarissa Baerenfaenger

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Iftar event: the Spirit of Ramadan »

(ICD House, August 8th, 2011)

The event was organized by the Muslim interns working in the ICD: Benbakka Youssef, Mohamed Lambert, Souad Amiri, Adel Aslan and Ozan Tekin

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Part of repayment to I.M.F cancelled in lieu of successful Irish cultural event at ICD »

(ICD House, July 29th, 2011)

The Event was organized by Brian Mahon & John O´leary

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The Taste of Eastern Europe »

(ICD House, May 6th, 2011)

The event was organized by ICD interns coming from Ukraine (Ian Shulman), Slovenia (Simon Rajbar, Natasa Sbrizaj), Poland (Justyna Tymek, Robert Mrozowski, Cesary Szczepaniuk), Bulgaria (Adryana Ivanova), and Romania (Ana Maria Carabelea, Patricia Somelea)

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A Royal Celebration of Dutch Culture: Orange-Nassau Queens' Day »

(ICD House, April 30th, 2011)

The event was organized by Arnold de Boer, Bjorn Kolkman, Rozan Bank, Tiziana Marchesini, Attie Vermeulen & Eef Heersmink

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Crossing Cultural Barriers with Hungarian Gulyás & Pálinka »

(ICD House, March 25th, 2011)

The event was organized by Fanni Gábor, Nóra Székely, Zsófia Törő and Márton Szabó.

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Italian Culture Meets ICD »

(ICD House, March 17th, 2011)

The Event was organized by Giuseppe Colucci, Beatrice Gualandi, Lino Sasso, Matteo Alpino, Fabio Picinich, Giulia Previato, Francesca Viola, Andrea Gioia, Teo Meriggi, Marco Merilli, Antonella Salamone, and Valentina Gagliardi

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Understanding Multiculturalism: What can we learn from the Swedish Year of Multiculturalism 2006? »

(ICD House, December 3rd, 2010)

The Event was organized by Jonna Amanda Rock

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