Crossing Cultural Barriers with Hungarian Gulyás & Pálinka

(ICD House, March 25th, 2011)

Berlin, March 25th, 2011 - The event was organized by Fanni Gábor, Nóra Székely, Zsófia Törő and Márton Szabó.

The Hungarian event “Crossing Cultural Barriers with Hungarian Gulyás & Pálinka” took place in the House of Arts and Culture, the conference hall of The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, on the 25th March 2011. Four Hungarian ICD interns, Fanni Gábor, Nóra Székely, Zsófia Törő and Márton Szabó, organized the event in collaboration with the Institute’s board of directors. The concept was to introduce the staff of the Institute, who come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, to the Hungarian culture, music, and gastronomy. The event was inspired by the 15th of March, a national holiday in Hungary, which honours the memory of the 1848 revolution. At the event, the interns could enjoy delicious Hungarian gulyás soup and salami, as well as tasting Hungarian wines and traditional spirits such as Pálinka and Unicum. The spirits were special homemade Hungarian products, which have a unique taste. Interns were also invited to discuss Hungarian culture, tradition, history, and the current political situation. Throughout the evening, traditional and modern Hungarian music was played, later widening in scope to also incorporate music from the Balkans. Additionally, there was a live screening of the Hungary vs. the Netherlands football match. The event was a great success, with all of the interns in attendance. The evening not only provided them with a real introduction to the Hungarian culture, but provided an opportunity for them to exchange ideas and enjoy each other’s company.