Italian Culture Meets ICD

(ICD House, March 17th, 2011)

Berlin, March 17th, 2011 - The Event was organized by Giuseppe Colucci, Beatrice Gualandi, Lino Sasso, Matteo Alpino, Fabio Picinich, Giulia Previato, Francesca Viola, Andrea Gioia, Teo Meriggi, Marco Merilli, Antonella Salamone, Amanda Falco and Valentina Gagliardi

The event “Italian Culture meets ICD” took place on April 7th 2011, at the ICD House of Arts & Culture, in Berlin. It was organized by the large Italian team of ICD interns, in collaboration with the ICD board. Its aim was to welcome non-Italian peoples, the ICD’s employers and external individuals interested in the current Italian political, social and artistic situation. The event was also intended to attract the Berlin’s Italian community to discuss about their life experiences as emigrants, in a convivial environment.

The occasion that inspired this event was the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification, which occurred on March 17th, accompanied by many celebrations in Italy and commemorations around the World, including Berlin.

The celebration lasted an entire afternoon, ending in a night of a buffet dinner, live folk Italian music and the opportunity for all the participants to exchange their own experiences, discuss Italy and the experience of Italians living in Germany, in a pleasant atmosphere.

The afternoon began with the vision of an emblematic Italian movie of recent years, introduced by a detailed description of the plot, themes and the characters of both the movie and Recent Italian history. “Il Divo”, directed by Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, is an interesting painting of the Italian political scenario of the last few decades. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival 2008, the film tells a part of the life of Giulio Andreotti, the protagonist of Italian politics for decades. It is set in the period between 1991 and 1993, the time between the presentation of the government Andreotti VII and the beginning of the maxi trial for mafia in Palermo.

After the viewing, the participants had the opportunity to taste some special Italian culinary specialities, such as “pasta al forno”, bruschette”, “gnocco fritto” and “tiramisł”, which were greatly enjoyed by all.

Organizers and participants concluded the day with a concert by the “Pizzica Connection” band and other music of the Italian repertoire, and discussions over the themes and events of the evening.