The Sino-Global Discourse

"The Growing Prominence of China on the World Stage: Exploring the Political, Economic, and Cultural Relations of China and Global Stakeholders"

Berlin; September 15th - 18th, 2011
Held Parallel to the "Berlin - Asia Pacific Weeks Conference 2011"

Program Agenda

The Sino-Global Discourse will focus in particular on the following issues:

The Increasing Prominence of China

  • Changing Relations Between China and the US/Europe
    (Focus: Partner or Rival?, Import/Export, Political Power in the World)
  • China's Increasing Engagement with International Organizations
    (Focus: UN, WTO, Peacekeeping)
  • China's Strategies to Become the World's Leading Economy
    (Focus: US Debt, Foreign Investment, Economic Growth)
  • Balancing the Power: China's Influence in East Asia
    (Focus: Japan, India, US, Border Clashes)
  • Increase of Chinese Power in the World: The Exploration of Soft and Hard Power
    (Focus: Military Capabilities, Soft Power Strategies, Balance of Power)
  • Renewable Energy and Development: China as a Global Power in Sustainability
    (Focus: Development/Use of Green Energies, Market Competition with US and Europe)
  • Responsibilities as a Creditor Nation
    (Focus: Europe/Greece Debts, US Debts, Global Interdependence)

The Impact of Chinese Culture on the Global Level

  • Interaction between Chinese Arts and the World
    (Focus: Art, Film, Architecture, 2008 Olympics)
  • Does Chinese Traditional Culture Improve the Image of China?
    (Focus: History, Confucianism)
  • The  Influence of Chinese Publications in the World  
    (Focus: Nobel Peace Prize, Arts)
  • Is Chinese Medicine Being Accepted in Other Cultures?
    (Focus: Western vs. Eastern Medicine)
  • The Influence of Chinese Language
    (Focus: Exchange Programs, Language Promotion Institutions, Chinese Students)
  • Differences of Gender Equality Between China and the World
    (Focus: Women in Society, Communists Views on Gender, Chinese History)

China’s Rise: Domestic and Regional Challenges

  • The Challenge of Maintaining China’s Sustainable Economic Growth
    (Focus: Growth Rate of China, Economical Development, Currency)
  • ·Reducing China’s Large Export Dependency
    (Focus: Exploring New Markets, Regional Supply and Production Chains)
  • Feeding a Hungry Nation: Can the World Afford to Feed the Growing Chinese Populations?
    (Focus: Food Supply; Agricultural Products; Stagnant Food Productivity)
  • Overpopulation vs. Urbanization: The Greater Detriment
    (Focus: One Child Policy, Low Living Standards in Urban Areas)
  • Aging and Depopulation in Rural Areas
    (Focus: Low Productivity, Unemployment, Poverty, Growing Gap Between Urban and Rural Population
  • Environmental Degradation: Responsibilities and Regional Impact
    (Focus: Pollution of the Mekong Delta, Acid Rain in Japan and Korea)
  • Human Rights and Poverty
    (Focus: Freedom of Speech, Minorities‘ Dilemma and Ethnic Conflict, Control of Information)