Forum on Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonwealth 2014

"Celebrating Art and Culture in the Commonwealth as Key Features of Nation Branding"

London; October 15th - 17th, 2014
Held Parallel to the BFI London Film Festival 2014
Forum Agenda
October 15th Venue: Universal Peace Federation, Lancaster Room (Ballroom)
13:15 Introductory Remarks
Mark Donfried, Director General, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
13:30 “A Reflection on Cultural Diplomacy and the Commonwealth”
Michael Lake,Director, Royal Commonwealth Society
14:00 “From Wales to Lesotho, Scotland to Malawi - the Importance of Cultural Partnerships in a Globalised World”
Ian Lucas (MP),Member of the British Parliament
14:30 From Rule Britannia to Angry Birds - the Emergence and Future of Modern Cultural Diplomacy”
H. E. Amb. Pekka Huhtaniemi, Ambassador of Finland to the UK
15:00 Denmark - How to Design a Nation”
H. E. Amb. Claus Grube,  Ambassador of Denmark to the UK
15:30 The Commonwealth and its Nations as Agents for a Sustainable Commons”
Nicholas Watts,Trustee, Chair of its Projects Committee, Commonwealth Human Ecology Council
16:00 Break
16:30 The Role of Culture in City Branding and Lessons for Nation Branding”
Malcolm Allan,Managing Director, Place Matters    
17:30 “Britain’s Cultural Identity in a Rapidly Changing Demographic
Tony Haynes,Co-Founder, Grand Union Orchestra  
18:00 The Euroscreen Project as an Example of Cultural Diplomacy”
Matti Allam,Euroscreen Project & Communications Officer, Film London
18:20 The Keys to Britain’s Successful National Branding”
Dr. Sheikh Ramzy, Imam, Director of Iqra Islamic institute
18:40 Keynote Address
Rula Al-Abdulrazak,Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader, School of Business & Law, University of East London
19:00 The Role of the Africa Diaspora in the Commonwealth”
Dr. Alfred A. Botchway, Director, Financial Engineering and Allied Services, Regent University
October 16th Venue: Morning Session - House of Lords, Committee Room 2A
09:30 “The Commonwealth in the 21st Century”
Lord Jack McConnell, Former First Minister of Scotland
10:15 Learning from Healthy Cultural Traditions: Britain and Food”
The Hon. Natalie Louise Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
11:15 “Cultural Diplomacy between Arts Promotion and Nation Branding”
H. E. Amb. Emil Brix, Ambassador of Austria to UK
12:00 Great Art, National Treasures: The Unique Contribution of the Commonwealth”
Rt Hon. Nick Brown (MP), Member of British Parliament
13:00 Lunch Break & Travel Time
  Venue: Afternoon Session - High Commission for the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago to the United Kingdom
14:30 Keynote Address
Dele Meiji Fatunla, Communications Manager, Royal African Society
15:00 “Managing Place Reputations in an Age of Paradigm Shift”
Prof. Dr. Nigel Morgan, Professor, Tourism & Events Marketing at the University of Surrey's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
15:30 “A Modern Maecenas: Frank Pick (1878-1941), London Transport's Patron of the Arts”
William Arthurs, Editor, City Magazine   
16:00 “Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonwealth: Exercising Soft Power”
Bala Chandra, Visiting Fellow and Series Organiser, Institute of Commonwealth Studies School of Advanced Study, University of London
16:30 The Three Myths of Success”
Elliot Grove, Founder, Raindance Film Festival
17:00 Effectiveness and Efficiency in Nation Branding”
Amb. Dr. Petar Turčinović, Ambassador of Croatia to Montenegro
17:30 The Commonwealth - A model of Cultural Diplomacy? Reviewing Empire and Former /Present Colonies as a Model for Global Practice”
Dr. Yehoeshafaht Ben Israel, International Staff Member, Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem; Program Director, ICD Africa Program
18:00 Keynote Address
H.E. Tedwin Herbert,Acting High Commissioner for the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago to the United Kingdom
18:30 “A Taste of Trinidad & Tobago”
Trinidad & Tobago High Commission Reception
October 17th Venue: Universal Peace Federation, Lancaster Room (Ballroom)
09:30 “The Conservation Business? Risks and Opportunities of a Touristic Management of Cultural Heritage in Europe”
Dr. Andrea Ragusa, Associate Professor of Contemporary History, University of Siena
10:00 "Beyond Nation Branding- the Art of Cultural Relations in Today's World”
Baroness Usha Prashar, Deputy Chair of the British Council; Cross Bench Member of the House of Lords
10:30 “Culture and Diplomacy: Matters of Definition”
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Görner, Chair of German in the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film, Queen Mary University of London
11:00 “CARNIVAL - Which Nation to Brand?”
Ansel Wong, Trustee, Commonwealth Arts and Cultural Foundation; Managing Editor, Hansib Publications Limited
11:30 “Soft Power and Public Interest; a Changing Media Environment in South Asia”
Dr. William Crawley, Senior Fellow, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study University of London
12:30 “The Art of the Nation Brand and the Science of Transformational Branding”
Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson, Programme Leader, Marketing Suite Masters Degrees, Greenwich University   
13:00 “The Impact of Woolly Mammoths on Nation Branding - Promoting Countries by Subverting Stereotypes”
Crispin Reed, Managing Director Europe & UK, Fusion Learning
14:30 Concluding Remarks
Mark Donfried, Director General, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy