The Future of EU Foreign Policy

An International Conference on the Political, Economic and Cultural Dimensions of EU Foreign Policy

(Berlin; January 4th - 6th, 2011)

Thank You!

The ICD would like to augment our thanks to all of the speakers, the participants and, of course, to the entire Cultural Diplomacy in Europe team- which included Paulo Sergio Gomes Barbosa, Sara Kupka, Meike Koch, Jessica Langer, Pawel Kaminski, Orsolya Raczova, Vanya Tasheva, Maaike Van Diepen, Mihai Butincu, Victoria Briggs and Juan Carlos de Sousa Cabral, João Leonel Ferreira, Lisa Manke, Mandy Wu and was led by Bojana Perisic for creating such a memorable, enjoyable and thought-provoking international event.
We are pleased to make the following documentation available: