The Berlin International Economics Congress 2011

”An International Conference on the Future of Nation Branding, Tourism and International Investments in a Globalized World”

(Berlin; March 9th - 12th, 2011 - Held Parallel to the ITB Berlin and in conjunction with the ICD conferences "Nuestra America" and "The Rise of Africa")

Congress Agenda

The following issues will be addressed and explored:

Cultural Diplomacy, International Relationship, Nation Branding, Sustainable Tourism, and Foreign Investment

Cultural Diplomacy in the Global Economy: The Relationship between Cultural Diplomacy, Nation Branding, Sustainable Tourism, and Foreign Investment (Focus: Africa, Europe, and Latin America)

The Role of “Economic Bridges” in Strengthening Political Relations, Promoting Sustainable Tourism, and Increasing Foreign Investment (Focus: The global political economy, socially responsible investment, and the economic peace thesis)

International Relations, Nation Branding, Sustainable Tourism and Foreign Investment in the Information Age
(Focus: International and social media, social networks, Wikileaks, citizen activism, democracy, citizen journalism, language and media)

Comprehensive Strategies for the Future: Linking Nation Branding, International Investment and Sustainable Tourism Policies
(Focus: Traditional vs. modern approaches, reform, future challenges & trends)

The Benefits of Culture to Business: The Strategic, Economic, and Philanthropic Benefits of Culturally-Aware Business Practice
(Focus: Corporate Social Responsibility, multiculturalism in the work place, business & cyber culture)

International Economics – Fair and Free Trade

Fair Trade: The Importance of Fair Trade to Sustainable Tourism and International Investment (Focus: UN trade policies, WTO fair trade policies, Market economics, labor rights, agricultural practices)

The Influence of Commodity Price & Exchange Rate Manipulation and Trade Wars, on Sustainable Economic Relations and Foreign Investment
(Focus: US, China, Russia, Brazil, World Bank, ECB)

Current and Future Free Trade Areas: Political, Economic, and Cultural Implications
(Focus: The EU, GAFTA, the Common Economic Space, ASEAN Economic Community)

Nation Branding

The History and Development of Nation Branding and National Brands (Focus: Traditional & modern definitions, place branding, marketing, diplomacy, tourism)

Understanding and Shaping National Brands in the Information Age
(Focus: Social Networks, national identity, techniques, visibility, geography, history)

Successful Examples of Nation Branding in Stimulating National Economic Growth
(Focus: Africa, Latin America, Europe)

Regional and National Branding: Exploring the Link

(Focus: The External Action Service, Africa and the World Cup, Latin America)

Sustainable Tourism

The Development of Sustainable Tourism in the 21st Century (Focus: Eco-tourism, budget travel, adventure travel, security, technological advancements, global warming, green technologies)

Cultural Diplomacy and Sustainable Tourism
(Focus: New strategies for tourism embracing local cultures, arts, and musical traditions)

High Levels of Tourism and a Strong National Brand: A Causal Relationship?
(Focus: Geography, the World Cup, the Olympic games, business travel)

International Investment

Cultural Diplomacy and International Investment in the 21st Century (Focus: National campaigns, the internationalization of markets, attracting FDI, economic importance of foreign trade)

CSR, SRI and Socially Responsible Tourism in a Globalized World (Focus: National CSR and SRI policies, challenges ahead, global warming, green technologies)

Comparing Economic and Political Relations: Can they be separated
(Focus: The European Union, US foreign policy, historical case studies,)