The Berlin International Economics Congress 2011

”An International Conference on the Future of Nation Branding, Tourism and International Investments in a Globalized World”

(Berlin; March 9th - 12th, 2011 - Held Parallel to the ITB Berlin and in conjunction with the ICD conferences "Nuestra America" and "The Rise of Africa")
9th March, 2011
10th March, 2011
11th March, 2011
12th March, 2011
08:30 Registration -
Tea, Coffee & Refreshments
Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Tea, Coffee & Refreshments
09:00   Presentation

Armands Slokenbergs
(Director, “Latvian Tourism Development Agency”)
Lecture & Discussion

The Hon. Al Imam Al Sadig Al Mahdi
(Former Prime Minister of Sudan)
09:30 Welcome Address - “Why and How to Develop Tourism & Tourism Branding”

Frédéric Pierret
(Executive Director, World Tourism Organization - UNWTO)
“Nation branding & Tourism from a Hungarian Perspective”

Dr. Endre Horváth
(Deputy State Secretary Minister for National Economy, Hungary)
Lecture & Discussion

H.E Ambassador Dr. Makase Nyaphisi
(Ambassador of Lesotho to Germany)

Hermenegildo Neves
(Director General of the Mozambique Tourism)
10:00 Opening Keynote Speech

The Rt. Hon. Nahas Angula
(Prime minister of Namibia)

Niall Gibbons
(Chief Executive of “Tourism Ireland”)
Lecture & Discussion

Imomudin Sattorov
(Ambassador of Tajikistan to Germany)

Tourism and Sustainable Development in Tajikistan

Lochin Fayzullaev

( First Vice-Chairman of Committee of Yourth Affairs)
10:30   Lecture & Discussion

Dr. Mary Lambkin
(Professor of Marketing, Quinn School of Business, University College Dublin, Ireland)
Reception Organized By the Tajikistan Embassy in Berlin “Branding Zimbabwe in a rapidly Globalizing World: Challenges & Opportunities”

The Hon. Walter Mzembi
(Tourism Minister of Zimbabwe)
11:00   Lecture & Discussion

H.E Amb. Dan Mulhall
(Ambassador of Ireland to Germany)

Lecture & Discussion

H.E Ambassador Mosud Mannan
Ambassador of Bangladesh to Germany

11:30 Reception Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Economic Bridges and Cultural Diplomacy

The Hon. Dr. Erhard Busek
(Former Vice-Chancellor of Austria)
Tea, Coffee & Refreshments
12:00 Lecture & Discussion

The Hon. Akua Sena Dansua
(Minister for Tourism of Ghana)
“Whither the World Economy, Whither Europe: a Clash of Civilizations or Global Melting Pot?”

The Hon. Dr. Grzegorz W. Kolodko
(Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of  Poland)
"Tourism, Trade and Investment in Democratic Indonesia: Quest for Sustainable Development"

H.E Ambassador Eddy Pratomo
(Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Germany)
Managing Dimensions for Destination Brand Building – The case of the Algarve Brand

Dr. Joao Freire
(Editor for Europe, Middle East and Africa for the journal Place Branding and Public Diplomacy journal)
12:30 Presentation

Erwin Feldhaus
(Director of ProMéxico for Middle and Eastern Europe)
Lecture & Discussion

The Hon. Dr. Ken Lipenga
(Minister of Tourism of Malawi)
CSR in a Globalized World

Dr. Gerhard Prätorius
(Head of Coordination CSR and Sustainability, Volkswagen AG
(12:45) Lecture & Discussion
"Nation Branding, Cultural Diplomacy and Economic Objectives: Recent Practice in South Korea, Japan, China and France"

Dr. Keith Dinnie
(Associate Professor of Business, Temple University Japan)
13:00   "The Value Proposition of Tourism in Nation Branding"

H.E Amb. Kingsley Makhubela
(Director-General of the National Department of Tourism of South Africa)
Lecture & Discussion

H.E Ambassador Gabriela von Habsburg
Ambassador of Georgia to Germany
13:30 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
14:30 Keynote Speech

The Hon. Dr. Alfredo Palacio

(Former President of Ecuador)

Mary Kimonye
(Chief Executive Officer, Brand Kenya Board)
Lecture & Discussion

The Hon. Sir James R. Mancham Former President of the Republic of Seychelles
Lecture & Discussion

H. E. Ambassador Tolendy Makeev
(Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Germany)
15:00 Lecture & Discussion

María Elena Agüero
(Deputy Secretary General of the Club of Madrid)
Lecture & Discussion

Imran Sikandar Baloch
(The Secretary, Tourism Department, Government of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan)
Lecture & Discussion

H.E Ambassador Jacky Foo
(Ambassador of Singapore to Germany)
"Media Matters: Anticipating and Managing Challenges to Nation Brand Identity in the Global Village”

Robert A. Saunders, Ph.D
(Assistant Professor,
Department of History, Economics & Politics,
State University of New York)
15:45 Tea, Coffee & Refreshments (15:30) Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Tea, Coffee & Refreshments  
16:00 Lecture & Discussion

H.E Ambassador Norman Garcia Paz

(Ambassador of Honduras to Spain; Former Minister of Trade and Industry of Honduras; Former Minister of Tourism of Honduras)
(15:45) Lecture & Discussion

The Hon. Lord Jack McConnell
(Former First Minister of Scotland)
Lecture & Discussion

H.E Ambassador Fesseha Asghedom Tessema
(Ambassador of Ethiopia to Germany)
Tea, Coffee & Refreshments
16:30 Keynote Speech

The Hon. Alberto Jose Guevara Obregon
(Minister of Treasury and Public Credit of Nicaragua, Minister of Finance of Nicaragua)
“I Feel Slovenia”

Valerija Mencej
(Head of State Promotion Section, Slovenia)
Lecture & Discussion

The Hon. Victoria Saidu Kamara
(Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Sierra Leone)
Lecture & Discussion

Dr. Ariel King
Founder of the Ariel Foundation International Women Impacting Policy
17:00   Keynote Speech

The Hon. Dimitrij Rupel
(Former Foreign Minister of Slovenia)
Keynote Speech

The Hon. Jean-Paul Adam
(Foreign Minister of the Republic of Seychelles)
Participant Papers
17:30 “Once you go, you know.”

Reception Organized by the ICD and Jamaican Embassy

Cocktail Hour (Jamaican Rum Punch and Fruit Punch to be served - Music: Interlude of Jamaican folk Songs)
“I Feel Slovenia”

Reception Organized by the ICD and the Slovenian Embassy

Welcome Address
H.E Amb. Mitja Drobnič
(Ambassador of Slovenia to Germany)
   Participant Papers
18:00   Keynote Speech

H.E. Ambassador. Clémentine Shakembo Kamanga
Ambassador of Congo to Germany
Lecture & Discussion

The Hon. N'Diaye Bah
(Minister of Tourism of Mali)
18:30 Welcome Address

H.E. Amb. Joy Wheeler (Ambassador of Jamaica to Germany)


The Hon. Edmund Bartlett (Minister of Tourism of Jamaica)
John Lynch
(Chairman, Director, Jamaica Tourist Board)
Welcome Address

The Hon. Lord Jack McConnell
(Former First Minister of Scotland)

Lecture/ Presentation

Rica Rwigamba
(Head of Rwanda Tourism and Conservation Department)
“Ecuador Love Life”

Reception Organized by the ICD and the President Alfredo Palacio Foundation

Keynote Speech

The Hon. Jose Domingo Arias
(Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade of Panama)

"Latin American countries - Ideas and recommendations for Country Branding"

Jose Filipe Torres
(CEO and Head of Strategy at Bloom Consulting)
Panel Discussion

“The Future of Global Politics, Nation Branding, Sustainable Tourism and International Investment in a Globalized World”

President Dr. Alfredo Palacio
Dr. Keith Dinnie
Dr. Joao Freire
Jose Filipe Torres
Robert A. Saunders, Ph.D
Dr. Ariel King
Mark Donfried
19:00 "A Taste of Jamaica" 

Jamaican Folk Songs during Dinner
Reception Organized by the ICD and the Rwandan  Embassy

Performance by Rwandan Cultural Troup 'IHANIKA"
 Keynote Speech

President Dr. Alfredo Palacio

(Former President of Ecuador)
20:00 Party Time   Group Dinner Group Dinner