Berlin International Economics Congress 2012

"Building Economic Bridges: Integrating Cultural Diplomacy into Nation Branding, Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Governance"

Berlin; March 7th - 10th, 2012
Held Parallel to the Berlin International Tourism Trade Fair

Conference Agenda »

The Berlin International Economics Congress 2012" is one of the world leading global conferences combining the fields of International Economics, Nation Branding and International Relations with an interdisciplinary and multinational program. The conference will take place over 4 days and will examine the role of Cultural Diplomacy in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Economic Bridges, Global Governance and Nation Branding with an international outlook.

The four-day international congress will consist of lectures and seminars held by international politicians and various experts in the economic, academic and marketing fields as well as panel discussions, workshops, interactive sessions and social activities.

The Conference will focus in particular on the following issues:

Nation Branding & Global Economics

  • The Importance of Nation Branding in Contemporary International Economics
  • Current Trends and Future Prospects of Nation Branding
  • Integrating Cultural Diplomacy into Nation Branding
  • How can Cultural Diplomacy help strengthen the Nation Brand?

The Expanding Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Society

  • Economic Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in Societies
  • The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Should the Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility be Compulsory for the Business Operations of Multinational Corporations?

The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in International Economic Institutions

  • The Potential that Cultural Diplomacy has for the Future of Global Economics
  • Intercultural Dialogue and International Economic Institutions
  • The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Addressing Economic Fluctuations
  • Can Cultural Diplomacy provide a Means for Global Economic Institutions to tackle Poverty more Effectively?

Economic Bridges: Aims, Incentives and Impacts

  • The Importance of Economic Bridges in the Modern Global Economy
  • How can Economic Bridges be Built and Maintained through the Practice of Cultural Diplomacy?
  • The Interdependent Relationships between Cultural Collaborations and Economic Collaborations