Conference Locations:

European Parliament Brussels

The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the EU

“Sustainable Economic Growth, Further Integration and Common Identity: Moving towards a European Consensus”

(Brussels; July 3rd - 5th, 2013)

Symposium Overview

Since its foundation the EU has undergone multiple transformations in the socio-cultural, political, and economic spheres. Today, the European Union consists of 27 member states, all of which work closely together to develop policies to facilitate common interests such as the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital across borders.

Although the EU has made great strides in the past six decades- both politically and economically- the region still faces challenges in terms of delivering prosperity, bridging the gap between institutions and citizens, and creating a common and collective “European Identity.” Over four years of economic, social and political crisis have presented the EU, its leaders, and its people with a number of crucial challenges, which must be thoroughly and instantly tackled in order for Europe to be successful and to maintain its leading position in the global arena.

The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the EU will therefore offer participants a platform to discuss the present and future challenges of the European Union, and will elaborate on the role of Cultural Diplomacy in improving European relations, enhancing cross-cultural collaboration, building democratic governance, and sustaining peace and stability in the region.

Symposium Locations

Based in Berlin, the Conference will be hosted at a number of important political, historic, and cultural locations across the city, and will consist of excursions to the country's top institutions and landmarks.

Symposium Participants »

Participation in the conference is open to governmental & diplomatic officials, academics, artists, journalists, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, young professionals and students as well as other interested individuals from across the world.

If you would like to reserve a position and participate in the symposia, please click on the "Apply Now" link below and fill out the online application form:

Sustainable Network »

During the program participants will have a number of opportunities to network with one another, with the speakers, and with ICD Advisory Board Members and partners. Conference participants will become part of the ICD Alumni, a growing international network of people of diverse interests and backgrounds from around the world who share a commitment to intercultural exchange. Members of the ICD Alumni Group will benefit from the following opportunities: Alumni online forum, Advisory Board Networking, ICD support for individual Leadership Initiatives, free access to all ICD research, videos and photos as well as other event documentation. Participants will be able to remain in touch with each other through the ICD Networks. (more »)

Symposium Speakers

Speakers during the Conference will include dignitaries, heads of state, ministers, politicians, diplomats, academics, authors, human rights activist, journalists, and artists. These speakers will include a large number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board. To learn more about the ICD Advisory Board, please click here

Participant Papers »

The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy encourages academic research and analysis of issues related to the goals of the Symposia, and would therefore like to welcome participants to submit a paper they would like to be considered for delivery at the Symposium. Following the Symposium, the papers will be included in the proposal document that will be issued and sent to all governments and leaders of the international community. To read articles submitted by participants of our international conferences or to submit a paper please click here ».

Certificate of Attendance

All Symposium participants will be awarded an official Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the program, which will provide details of the speakers who took part in the event, and list the topics which were discussed. Each certificate will be signed by members of the ICD Advisory Board.

Symposium Agenda

The overall objective of the International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the EU is to facilitate a cross-cultural understanding and open-minded exchange of views on a range of salient issues surrounding the European Union. Participants will also be invited to contribute to the development of a proposal document which will include creative solutions and recommendations to achieve a more effective and integrated Europe. The Conference will also examine, in depth, different examples and best practices of Cultural Diplomacy that might be applied in a different context.

The Conference will focus in particular on the following areas:
  • Economic Growth & Sustainable Development in the EU
    • Increasing the Competitiveness and Productivity of National Economies
    • The EU Financial Crisis and Reassessing Economic Policies
    • Youth Unemployment in Europe
    • Environmental Responsibility and Climate Change
  • Further European Integration
    • Future visions of Economic and Political Governance
    • Standardizing European Education, Healthcare, and Welfare
    • Democratic Governance and Accountability at the National and Regional Levels
    • Fostering a pro-European Electoral Consensus
    • Establishing a Common European Energy Policy
    • The Challenges of Harmonizing the European Single Market
  • Common European Identity and Cultural Pluralism
    • The role of Cultural Diplomacy in Shaping a Common Identity
    • Migration and Changing Patterns of Mobility
    • The Impact of Cultural Heritage on Pan-European Identity
    • The Dilemma of Unity in Diversity
    • The European Melting Pot and the Impact of Non-European Cultures in Contemporary Society
    • Preserving National Identity while Moving Towards an Increasingly Unified Europe