The Arts Diplomacy Festival 2012

"Cultural Diplomacy in Practice"

(Berlin; March 22nd - 25th, 2012)

Conference Agenda

Cultural diplomacy relies upon thorough dialogue between disparate nations and cultures as a tool to promote a global peace and stability; however, there remains a tendency within the field to let the development of theory overshadow the practical elements necessary for implementation. The Arts Diplomacy Festival aims to explore how the arts; particularly music, fine arts and literature, sports, gastronomy, academia, religion and politics can be utilized by and delivered to governments, businesses and universities in an active practical, informative and effective way of communication and expression.

The following issues will be mentioned and explored:

Breaking Boundaries: Creating Unique Opportunities for Diplomacy

  • The Cultural as Political
    (Focus: Academics and Politicians explaining Practical diplomacy in domestic and international politics; events to promote cultural interaction; music as societal critiques)
  • The Artistic Tool in National Policy
    (Focus: Nation Branding and cultural identity)
  • Positive Propaganda: Influential Ideas
    (Focus: Reversal of ideas; cinematography as a tool for cultural diplomacy)
  • Physical Diplomacy: An Open Global Invitation
    (Focus: Sports worldwide; breaking cultural boundaries through a common passion and united goal)

Practical Cultural Diplomacy: A Blueprint for Advancing Cultural Diplomacy through the Arts

  • Music as Cultural Diplomacy
    (Focus: The evolution of music as a tool for illuminating sentiments in society; expression of nationalist pride and revolution)
  • Dance & Performance Art
    (Focus: Dance as cultural expression; dance as a tool for cohesion)
  • Film, Photography and Theatre
    (Focus: Political and national satire as methods to build stronger diplomatic ties through the realisation of common goals: e.g.  joint film and theatre projects in conflict situations)
  • Urban and Street Art
    (Focus: Art as modernist expression and insight into emerging cultural trends)

Progression of Practical Diplomacy

  • Sense the World: Finding Expression Through Practical Diplomacy
    (Focus: New forms of expression; peaceful protest; practical technological diplomacy)
  • The Tastes of Diplomacy: Gastronomy as Intercultural Exchange
    (Focus: Food as an art form; benefits and disadvantages of globalization; the international marketplace)
  • The Written Word: The New Global Literature
    (Focus: New media; magazines and blogs; technological takeover)
  • Cultural Combinations in Practical Diplomacy
    (Focus: Original practical diplomacy ideas; case study of the Ice Wheel Chair Project)

Practical Diplomacy: Exploring the Possibilities

  • Progression in Practicality: National Practical Diplomacy
    (Focus: Development of practical and cultural diplomacy on national and international levels)
  • Accessing the Decision Makers
    (Focus: Psychology of celebrity in cultural diplomacy; the UN Ambassador scheme)
  • The Student Revolution
    (Focus: Introduction of cultural diplomacy societies at the university level; lessons and workshops on diplomacy)