The Language of Art and Music

"An International Symposium on the Potential for Artistic Expression to Cross Cultural Barriers and the Relationship between Art, Culture, and International Relations"

(Berlin, 17th - 20th February 2011, Held Parallel to the Berlin International Film Festival)

Thank You!

The ICD would like to extend our gratitude to all of the speakers, the participants and in particular to the entire Art as Cultural Diplomacy team- which included Abbie Jean Walsh, Andrea Gioina, Bjorn Kolkman, Claudiu Hurban, Pawel Kaminski, Ekaterina Katsarova, Fanni Gabor, Lidiya Ivancheva, Mariya Emanuilova Kokoncheva, Tara Leigh Ryals, Valentina Gagliardi and Zsόfia Eszter Törö and was led by Laura Biagioni, Maxine Clay and Katherina Bühler- for contributing to the phenomenal success of this exciting and vibrant international event that was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.