The Language of Art and Music

"An International Symposium on the Potential for Artistic Expression to Cross Cultural Barriers and the Relationship between Art, Culture, and International Relations"

(Berlin, 17th - 20th February 2011, Held Parallel to the Berlin International Film Festival)

Participant Papers

Aleksandra Boskovic Montenegro - culture within the international context and European integration
Alessandra McAllister Of networks and nation - placing national identities in Internet social sites
Anita Morgan Towards the creation of a shared space in a divided Northern Ireland - the role of humour in the songs of Tommy and Colum Sands
Bianca Predoi Reframing some topical issues of art: Kitsch between the contemporary art language and the management of values
Chloe Preece Identity and branding in the boundaryless career - an analysis of visual artists' career trajectories
Clarice Zdanski The role of the arts in shaping Europe's future - intercultural communication in art education
Colin Lawson Painting Sound:the collaborative work of musician Bartosz Dziadosz and painter Colin Lawson
Craig Robertson Music and conflict transformation in Bosnia: constructing and reconstructing the normal
Dobrila Popovic Music and stage projects as model of international cooperation
Eva Vass Creativity, connectedness, embodiment and affect
Henrietta Landells Aesthetics, emotion and cultural diplomacy
Holly Van Leuven The rhythm of learning - why the shortest distance between cultures is tin pan alley
Dr. Ioana Petrescu & Dr. Kit MacFarlane Poetry and Cultural Bridges: Beyond Politics and Economics
Jacquelynne Modeste Globas swing - identifying structure in the impovised world
Judith McKimm-Vorderwinkler Can music play a role in intercultural dialogue?
Natalia Grincheva The 'starfish' of cultural diplomacy: social media in the toolbox of museums
Regina Höfer Strategies of Global Communication – Contemporary Tibetan Art and the West
Reginald D. Patterson Violin hero and the knight's blues
Rokus de Groot Music at the limits - Edward Said's musical elaborations
Romana Franjic Stories and storytelling - added value in cultural tourism
Sarah Wardle The international linguistics of art and music
Susanna Niiranen Singing and rapping experiences of being in a minority in Southern France and in Samiland
Vivian Chetraru Evolutions of the cultural policy - Romania from 1989 - 2006