A World Without Walls 2011

"Promoting Peace and Stability in the Mediterranean: An International Peacebuilding Congress"

Barcelona, International Conference, September 22nd - 25th, 2011
Held Parallel to "La Merce Festival 2011"

Congress Agenda

A World without Walls 2011 will take place over a period of 4 days. The goal of A World Without Walls 2011 is to promote peace and stability in the Mediterranean region by providing a platform for interdisciplinary discussion on salient issues, and by establishing a network of likeminded individuals with an active interest in global peace and stability.

The International Peace building Congress 2011 will comprise keynote speeches, discussions and social activities, lectures, debates, and panel discussions that will provide the audience with an opportunity to hear from renowned figures in politics, diplomacy, academia, civil society, and the private sector.

In addition to looking in greater detail at the history, development and use of cultural diplomacy in the Mediterranean region, the event will focus on issues related to development, peace and stability in the Mediterranean region.

The congress will analyze and explore which actors are currently playing an active role in strengthening intercultural relations, and which might play a greater role in the future. It will examine the aims of these actors with regards to sustainability and diversity and will consider the different approaches taken to peace building in the region.

Program Agenda

The following issues will be mentioned and explored:
  • Region Development
    (Focus: Democracy in the region, Business Development, Education, Energy, Environment, Cultural and Economic Bridges)
  • EU Expansion
    (Focus: The EU Boundary, EU Neighborhood policy, EU Membership Process, Turkish Membership)
  • Migration from Africa to Europe
    (Focus: Illegal Immigration and Repatriation, Integration of the African Diaspora)
  • Israel-Palestine
    (Focus: The Possibility of a two-State Solution, Global Context, Third Party Interventions)
  • Cyprus
    (Focus: Greek-Turkish Relations, EU Membership, Local Initiatives, Recent Developments)
  • Syria and Lebanon
    (Focus: Syrian Lebanese Relations, The “Arab Spring”, Relations between Ethnic and Religious Groups, Iran-Hezbollah-Hamas)
  • Egypt, Lybia and Tunisia
    (Focus: The “Arab Spring”, Relations between Ethnic and Religious Groups, Al Qaeda, Relationship with Europe)
  • Balkans
    (Focus: Peace Building Initiatives, Kosovar Independence, the International Criminal Court)
The Congress will pursue the following specific aims:
  • To establish an international, interdisciplinary network of likeminded individuals with an active interest in promoting peace and stability in the Mediterranean region.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of strengthening intercultural relations in the Mediterranean region for the promotion of global peace and stability.
  • To bridge cultural boundaries and generate friendships amongst young people from across the Mediterranean and the wider international community.
  • To increase understanding of the potential for music, sport and art to cross religious, cultural, and national barriers.
  • To explore and analyze new approaches to peacebuilding and conflict de-escalation at the local, national, and international levels
  • To identify new actors and opportunities for collaboration between existing stakeholders of peace in the Mediterranean region.