The ICD Annual Academic Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2011

Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations; New Actors; New Initiatives; New Targets

(Berlin; December 15th - 18th, 2011)

Conference Agenda

The goal of the ICD Annual Academic Conference on Cultural Diplomacy is to provide an annual review on the progress, impact and future of Cultural Diplomacy. With such increasing prominence in the international system, discussion on Cultural Diplomacy in such an arena is vital and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy hopes to facilitate new tools to promote international relationships, empower young leaders, contribute to academic literature and create a forum for valuable discussions on the future of Cultural Diplomacy.

One of the major outcomes of this conference will be the publication of an academic text complied of a series of papers provided by specialist speakers and lecturers in the field of International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy. With such a publication, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy hopes to propel Cultural Diplomacy, and the study of its policies and effects, further into the academic arena.

The following issues will be mentioned and explored:

Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations

  • The Contribution of Intercultural Dialogue to International Relations
  • Analyzing the Progress of Cultural Diplomacy within International Relations
  • Comparing Cultural Diplomacy to Hard Power Tools in International Relations
  • A Review of Cultural Diplomacy in International Relations

Cultural Diplomacy: Institutions and Global Governance

  • Cultural Diplomacy within Global Governance: A Useful tool?
  • Global Institutions and Cultural Diplomacy
  • The Relationship between Culture, Globalization and Global Institutions

Cultural Diplomacy and Civil Society

  • How to engage Civil Society with Cultural Diplomacy
  • Cultural diplomacy in Times of Civil Unrest
  • The End of ‘The End of History’: The Rise of Alternative Political Regimes
  • The Rising role of Social Media in Civil Society and Cultural Diplomacy as a whole

Cultural Diplomacy and the Private Sector

  • Can Cultural Diplomacy Prosper without the Private Sector?
  • The Media as a Controlling tool for Cultural Diplomacy
  • The Economic Crisis: Global Business and the Impact on Cultural Diplomacy
  • Private Sector Challenges for Cultural Diplomacy in 2012
  • The Importance of “Economic Bridges”

Cultural Diplomacy and Religion

  • Can Religion be a Window for Cultural Diplomacy?
  • Veiled Bodies: European Reactions to Islamic Culture
  • Religious Fundamentalism: a threat to Cultural Diplomacy?
  • Multiculturalism and Religion