Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in Germany

"How did Berlin become a Multicultural Example? Berlin as a Case Study for Embracing German Cultural Plurality"

Berlin; May 19th - 22nd, 2013
Held Parallel to the Berlin Carnival of Cultures 2013

Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures 2013 (Karneval der Kulturen)

On the opening day of the International Symposium, participants will have the unique opportunity to experience Berlin’s renowned “Carnival of Cultures”: an annual event held to showcase and celebrate Berlin’s cultural diversity. With over 4,000 artists performing, and more than 1 million spectators, the parade through Kreuzberg can be compared with London’s Notting Hill Carnival and is the highlights of Berlin’s cultural calendar.

The Carnival Concept

The concept for the Carnival of Cultures was developed in the mid 1990’s, at a time when Germany as a whole, and Berlin in particular, were going through considerable social, political, and cultural change. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany created in Berlin a diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural city, particularly popular amongst international artists and immigrants, and with the younger generation.

The goal of the project was therefore to create a festival that would showcase the cultural and ethnic diversity of Germany’s new capital, and provide the international and artistic communities in Berlin with a platform for expression and exhibition.

The Development of the Carnival

1996 The first carnival takes place in Berlin, bringing 50,000 visitors to the city and showcasing over 2,000 performers
1999 The Carnival brings 700,000 visitors and involves 4,500 performers
2008 The Carnival brings 1.5 million visitors and involves over 5,000 performers

This Year’s Carnival

The grown of the carnival looks set to continue in 2013, with more performers and visitors set to take part than in 2012. The celebrations will be focused in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg, and will include a Street Parade, a four-day street festival and a children’s carnival. Other parties will be organized across the city.

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