Prof. Dr. Klaus J. Bade

Klaus Bade is a Professor of New History with a specialization in Culture and Earth Science at the University of Osnabrueck. He is also a Migration expert.

Professor Bade studied History, German, Political and Social Science, at Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen. From 1972-1979 Klaus Bade worked as a research assistant for New History and from 1977-1978 he was a scholarship recipient for the German Research Association (DFG).

Since 1982 Professor Bade has been leading the research on Migration studies, and Intercultural studies at the University of Osanabrueck. In 2004 Bade was awarded the Philip Morris Research Prize, in 2007 he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit, He is also the Founder and promoter of the internet radio station multiculti 2.0, which has been broadcasting since December 31, 2006 on Multikulti Berlin.