Prof. Dr. Soodursun Jugessur

Pro Chancellor & Chairman, University of Mauritius & Chairman, Mauritius Research Council



Professor Soodursun Jugessur has a highly distinguished academic and professional career that has spanned throughout the globe. Educated in Mauritius, India, Canada, USA, England and Sweden, Prof. Jugessur earned his Doctorate of Sciences in Electrical Engineering from Laval University in Quebec.

Professor Jugessur is a Chartered Professional Engineer and Physicist, and a Consultant in Science and Technology who has severed as Professor of Industrial Technology, and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Mauritius, as well as Chairman of the University of Mauritius Academic Staff Association.

He has been Chairman of two Parastatal bodies, the CWA and MBC, as well as board member of NRB and PAT. Professor Jugessur served the United Nations for 18 years as the Chief of Science and Technology for Africa and has served various socio-cultural organizations as either Chairman, or other executive positions.

Currently the Chairman of the Mauritius Research Council, Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the University of Mauritius, he has written six books on scientific and technological development, and social issues, and has various other research publications.

“Modern Development and its Implications for Improved Intercultural Relations”

A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Soodursun Jugessur, Chancellor & Chairman, University of MauritiusThe Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2013
“Cultural Diplomacy & Cross Continental Cooperation: Building Bridges for a United Global Community”
(Berlin; December 17th - 21st, 2013)