President Bujar Nishani

Former President of Albania


Mr. Bujar Nishani was born in Durrës on September 29th, 1966.

He completed his higher education in 1988 at the Tirana Scanderbeg Military Academy. His graduate studies in the Defense Resources Management were completed in 1996 California, United States. Mr. Nishani also studied jurisprudence at the Justice Faculty of Tirana University where He earned a Law Degree in 2004. In 2005, He earned a Master Degree on European Studies at Tirana University’ School of European Studies.

His professional career started in 1988 as a pedagogue teaching at the Scanderbeg Military Academy. After that, in 1993 he served as Director of Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Defense, continuing at the NATO Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1994. In 1996, Mr. Nishani served at the Cabinet of the Defense Minister. In 1997, He became commissioned and served as the Chairman of the Euro-Atlantic Military men and women Forum.

The political career of Mr. Nishani went through these stages: He became a Democratic Party member in 1991; in 2001 was elected the Secretary of Tirana Democratic Party Branch; in 2003 was elected, from the list of the Democratic Party candidates, a member of Tirana Municipal Council; in 2005 He was elected a member of the Democratic Party National Council and later on, a member of the Central Leadership of this political party.

In July of 2005, Mr. Nishani, running for the Democratic Party, was elected a Parliamentary Member in the electoral zone 34 in Tirana. In June 2009 parliamentary elections, He was again elected a Parlamentary Member.

From March 2007 until September 2009, Mr.Nishani served as Minister of Interior; from September 2009 until April 2011 served as Minister of Justice and then, in April of 2011 Mr. Nishani was appointed back to the position of Minister of Interior where He remained until June of 2012 when was elected by the Albanian Assembly to the office of the Head of State.

In July 24th, 2012 Mr. Bujar Nishani was sworn in as the President of the Republic in front of the Assembly of Albania. He served as the President from 24 July 2012 to 24 July 2017.

Mr. Nishani is well-versed and fluent in English.

Mr. Bujar Nishani is married to Mrs. Odeta Nishani and they have two children: Ersi and Fjona Nishani.


Albania’s Contribution in Strengthening the Regional Dialogue and Cooperation by Promoting its European Orientation and Values

December 17th, 2016