Prof. Dr. Murat Tuncer

President of the Hacettepe University, Turkey


Prof. Dr. A. Murat Tuncer graduated from Istanbul University School of Medicine in 1980 and completed his residency in pediatrics in 1984 at Hacettepe University. He finished his specialization in pediatric hematology in 1991. Prof. Dr. Tuncer became an associate professor in 1987 and full time professor in 1995 at the same university. Since December 2011, he has held the position of rector at Hacettepe University. He acted as the head of the Cancer Control Department of the Ministry of Health from 2000 to 2011 and contributed extensively to the development of cancer policies in Turkey. The first Cancer Policy Document of the country was prepared under his leadership and become a priority area in both the organization and financing of healthcare services. He has several publications at both the national and international level in his areas of specialization. Prof. Tuncer, as the rector of one of the leading universities of Turkey, has insightful knowledge and experience pertaining to higher education issues in Turkey and elsewhere.

“Cross Continental Cooperation and Higher Education”

A lecture by Prof. Dr. Murat Tuncer, President, Hacettepe University, Turkey
The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2013
(Berlin; December 17th - 21st, 2013)