The Hon. Moses Ali

First Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda


NAME:           MOSES ALI 
DATE OF BIRTH:             5th April 1939
MARITAL STATUS:           Married 
1957 Erepi Church of Uganda P. L. E
1958/59 Church of Uganda Junior S. S.  Junior School Certificate
1964/66 Old Kampala S.S.S General Certificate of Educ.
1968 Undertook Officer Cadet Training- Israel Certificate
1969 Undertook Paratrooper Instructors Training-Israel Certificate
1970 Undertook Company Commanders Course – Israel Certificate
1972 Camberly Staff College, United Kingdom Passed Staff College (PSC)
2003 University of Wolverhampton Certificate of Higher Education in Law
2003/07 Makerere University, Kampala Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
2007/08 Law Development Centre Diploma in Legal Practice
2015 American Military University Master of Arts in Intelligence Studies
1969: Commissioned to the Rank of 2nd Lt and appointed Officer in charge of Training in the Uganda Paratrooper School
1971 Promoted to the rank of Major and appointed Commander of the Paratrooper School
1972 Promoted to the rank of Colonel 


Appointed Minister of Provincial administration (Interior) and was decorated with the following medals 

  • Distinguished Service Order
  • Military Cross
  • Operational and Republic Medals
1974 Promoted to the rank of Brigadier
1975 Appointed Minister of Finance
27/07/86 Appointed Minister Youth, Culture and Sports
1989 Elected National Resistance Council (NRC) Member, East Moyo
18/11/94  Appointed Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities
17/07/95 Appointed 3rd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities
1996 Elected Member of Parliament, East Moyo – Adjumani District 
1996 Appointed 2nd Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry
26/9/2000 Appointed 2nd Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Internal Affairs
26/6/2001 Re-elected Member of Parliament East Moyo Constituency
24/7/2001 Re-appointed 2nd Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Disaster Preparedness and Refugees
13/03/2003 Promoted to the rank of lieutenant General
23/05/2003 Appointed 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees
JUNE 2011 Appointed 3RD Deputy Prime Minister/Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament
JUNE 2012 Promoted to Four Star General
MAY 2013 Promoted to 2nd Deputy Prime Minister/Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament
JUNE 2016 Promoted to 1st Deputy Prime Minister/Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament
1967-1968 Employed as a teacher at Kotch Goma Church of Uganda
Primary School and Anaka Catholic Girls School
1975 Decorated with the 2nd highest honour of the Islamic Republic of Mauritius


Appointed Chairman Foreign Exchange Allocation Committee  
(Cabinet Sub-Committee) 

Appointed Chairman Central Tender Board
Appointed Chairman/National Authorizing Officer of EEC – ACP Programmes in Uganda
Appointed Member of Makerere University Council
Appointed Chairman Valuation Committee (Responsible for negotiating with Governments whose Citizens left property in   Uganda in 1972)
Appointed Governor of African Development Bank and African Development Fund

10/02/78 Elected to the membership on the Grade of Fellow in the International Bankers Association – was entitled to carry the designation of “F.I.B.A”
1978-1979 Elected Chairman Islamic Development Bank of Governors
16/07/79 Elected Chairman of Uganda National Rescue Front (UNRF) in Juba, Southern Sudan


Elected National Executive Committee Member (NEC), Moyo
Elected National Resistance Council Member (NRC), East Moyo County


Appointed Member of Council, Islamic University in Uganda
Elected Chairman of Finance Committee, Islamic University in Uganda

25/06/94 Elected Chairman Federation of Uganda Football Association
1994 Elected Constituency Assembly Delegate (CA) for East Moyo
4/07/96 Elected Member of Appointments Committee of Parliament 
02/07/98  Elected as a National Executive Committee Member of the Movement Conference
Reading, Sports


"Promoting Rights of Marginalized groups in Africa through Cultural Diplomacy: Experience from Uganda"

A Keynote Address by The Hon. Moses Ali (First Deputy Prime Minister And Deputy Leader Of Government Business In Parliament of Uganda)
The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2016
"Promoting Global Human Rights through Cultural Diplomacy"
(Berlin, December 14th- 19th, 2016)