Dr. Mihail Dobre

Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania


Mihail Dobre is a historian, teaching diplomacy and international relations at the Faculty of History, University of Bucharest. He is also a career diplomat working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania since 1991.
As a diplomat, he was Ambassador of Romania to the Holy See (2002-2006) and deputy minister of Foreign Affairs (2013-2014). The two professional dimensions merged in his scientific works.

He published his PHD thesis, with the title „Romania at the end of the Cold War. Geopolitical Status and Security Options” (2011, the Romanian edition, and 2020, the Italian one), and recently „Romanian-Italian diplomatic relations during the First World War. 1914-1918” (2019, in Romanian).

Since 2016, he was teaching courses at the ICD on Cultural Diplomacy in Conflict Zones.