MEP Alojz Peterle

Former Prime Minister of Slovenia; Member of the European Parliament


  • Born in 1948.
  • Elected MP 1990, 1992, 1996 and 2000.
  • Prime Minister of the first democratically elected Slovenian Government (1990-1992).
  • Deputy Prime Minister (1993-1994) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1993-1994 and June-November 2000).
  • Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for European Affairs (1996).
  • President of the Christian Democrats of Slovenia (1990-2000). Chairman of the Council of the New Slovenia-Christian People’s Party (2001-2005).
  • Vice-President of the EUCD (1996-1999), Vice president of the European People’s Party (2006-2009). Elected representative of the National Assembly to the European Convention and elected member of its presidency (2002-2003).
  • Elected Member of the European Parliament since 2004.

Alojz Peterleis a Member of the European Parliament for the EPP since 2004, the same year as Slovenia became an EU Member State.

In May 1990 Mr Peterle became the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Slovenia after DEMOS coalition, which was composed of six pro-democracy parties, won the parliamentary elections. Previously, in 1990, he was elected chairman of the newly founded Slovenian Christian Democratic party (SKD). His government introduced major democratic and economic structural reforms and most importantly conduced the country to become an independent sovereign state on 25th June 1991.

Being appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Peterle held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs (1993-1994). He was the Foreign Affairs Minister again in 2000. He was the Vice-President of the European Union of Christian Democrats (1996-1999), Chair of the European Affairs Committee in the National Assembly (1997-2004), Member of the Presidium of the European Convention on the Future of Europe (2002-2003) and Vice-President of the EPP (2006–2009).

Since being elected an MEP, Mr Peterle has been a Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and a substitute Member of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. In the current legislature he is the Chair of the Delegation to the EU-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee and a substitute member in the delegation for relations with India. He is European Parliament’s standing rapporteur for the EU-JAPAN Strategic Partnership Agreement. He is a Co-chair of the ENVI Health Working Group and the President of the “Members against Cancer” group (MAC). In the previous legislature he was also a Vice-Chair of the Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee.

Mr Peterle has worked with great intensity in fostering democracy. In 2005, he was appointed as Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman in Office for Central Asia, successfully dealing with the political crisis in Kyrgyzstan. In his role as an MEP he was appointed Member of the Elections Observation Delegation for the Presidential elections in Azerbaijan (2008), Member of the Elections Observation Delegation for the Parliamentary elections in Cambodia (2009), Member of the Elections Observation Mission for the Ukraine’s presidential elections (2010) and Chief Observer of the EU Elections Observation Mission to Nigeria (2011) and Kenya (2013).

As an active promoter of fight against cancer, in particular as the chair of the informal all-party forum “Members against Cancer”, Mr Peterle has devoted considerable efforts to raising the political awareness of fighting and preventing cancer all across Europe, following his own personal experience with the disease.

Mr Peterle received a number of prestigious awards: the Golden Order of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia, Alois Mock Europa Ring, Ordine piano, the European Voice’s “European of the Year” (2003), golden medal from the Luxembourg Robert Shuman foundations, “MériteEuropéen” (2004), the Bulgarian APOZ Award for his contribution in the fight against cancer (2009), the Robert Schuman Medal for advancing the cause of peace, the construction of Europe and human values (2014). He was selected three times as the best MEP in the field of health (MEP Awards 2008, 2014 and 2015).

Mr Peterle is an active promoter of democracy, respect for human dignity, freedom of speech and peaceful dialogue among cultures, nations and religions.

Mr Peterle was born on 5 July 1948 in ?užnja vas, Slovenia. He is married and has three children.

Mr Peterle is proficient in Slovenian, German, English, French, Russian and Serbo-Croatian. He also understands Italian and Spanish.

“Respect for Culture means Respect for Human Dignity"

December 21st, 2017