Prince Luitpold of Bavaria

CEO, König LudwigSchlossbrauerei Kaltenberg


Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, born in 1951 in Leutstetten Castle, not far from Lake Starnberg, is the great-grandson of the last Bavarian King Ludwig III. At the age of 25, Prince Luitpold took over the management of the traditional brewery at Schloss Kaltenberg. He gradually modernized the brewing technology and changed the sales and brand strategy. Unlike trends on the beer market, he placed huge emphasis on dark beer. A truly royal beer speciality, King Ludwig dark beer has become a cult beer and a market leader as well.

In the following years, Prince Luitpold managed to expand the brewery and to achieve successes not only in Germany but also on the international platform. Currently, Prince Luitpold acts as an ambassador of royal beer in several countries.

In addition, Prince Luitpold of Bavaria initiated the Kaltenberg Knights' Tournament in 1980 which has become famous worldwide, not to mention the historically significant Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg which he took over in 2011.