Bishop Péter Fülöp Kocsis

Bishop of the Diocese Hajdudorog, Hungary



Péter Fülöp Kocsis (born on January 13, 1963 in Szeged, Hungary) is the current Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Hajdúdorog and, since 2008 to 2011, the Apostolic Governor of Apostolic Exarchate of Miskolc.

Mr. Kocsis began his studies at the Greek Catholic Theological Academy of Saint Atanáz and finished at Pontifical Salesian University in Rome. Kocsis was ordained priest in 1989. He taught on Greek Catholic Primary School in Hajdudorogh and High School in 1990 and 1992. From 1992 to 1995 was priest in Tornabarakony. From 1995 Kocsis was to the Benedictine monastery of Chevetogne in Belgium to make monastic life. On November 6, 1998 he passed monastic vows before the bishop Solid Cross, taking the Monastic name Philip. Kocsis spent the Christmas of 1999 in Belgium taking monastic probation (novitiate). On June 30, 2008, he was consecrated bishop of Hajdúdorog Solid Cross, being co-consecrator the Greek Catholic Archbishop of Presov, Ján Babjak and Greek Catholic bishop Milan Šašik of Mukachevo.

“The Promotion of World Peace through Inter-Faith Dialogue & the Unity of Faiths”

A Lecture by Bishop Fülöp Kocsis, Bishop of the Diocese Hajdudorog, Hungary
International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy & Religion 2014
(Rome, Italy; March 31st - April 3rd, 2014)
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