Judge Branko Hrvatin

President of the Supreme Court of Croatia

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Justice Branko Hrvatin is the current President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia. Justice Hrvantins primary schooling was completed in his birth place of Labin where he would thereupon complete his secondary education in VII gymnasium in Zagreb. Thereafter, in pursuit of higher studies, he enrolled at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Law in 1982 and soon thereafter successfully passed his bar exam in 1984.

After working as a judicial apprentice during his time of studies from 1982 to 1984, he was appointed two years later as a Judge at the Municipal Court in Zagreb. Under his purview, he would serve as Chairman of the Group for the Restitution of Damages and in 1992 was elevated to the President of the Extra- Litigation Department, while still maintaining his role in civil litigation. The following year he served as a judge at the County Court in Zagreb until 2004. He was assigned to the Office for Monitoring and Studying Court Practice in 1994, meanwhile adjudicating in second instance cases up until 1995. Due to his successful work at the Office for Monitoring and Studying Court Practice, he was thereupon appointed Head of the Office, still presiding over the second instance civil department until 2002.  Since 1990, Justice Hrvatin has carried out the role in supervising parliamentary and presidential elections and elections for local administration. From 2001 to 2004 he was assigned a member of the State Judicial Council. He was then selected in 2004 as a member of the State Election Commission of the Republic of Croatia whereon in 2005 the next President of the body.

Among other things he is the author of several published articles and papers dealing with civil procedural, civil substantive and enforcement law.

“An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Role of International Law in Promoting Human Rights”

A lecture by Branko Hrvatin, President of the Supreme Court of Croatia
The Montenegro Symposium on International Law & Human Rights
(Cetinje, Montenegro; July 8th - 10th, 2014)