Prof. Dr. Álvaro Escribano Saéz

Vice Rector, Universidad Carlos II de, Madrid


Dr. Alvaro Escribano Saéz is a Professor of Applied Economics and Vice-Chancellor of International Relationships at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He holds a PhD from the University of California in San Diego. He is the Telefonica Chair of Economics of Telecommunications, making him the link between the Department of Economics of his University and the company Telefónica. Dr. Alvaro Escribano Saéz is the Associate Editor of Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, Macroeconomic Dynamics and Cuadernos Económicos de ICE. He has also served as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, as Adjoint Vice-Chancellor of Computers and Libraries and he is currently the Director of the Masters in Industrial Organization and Markets at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Dr. Escribano Saéz has published more than 30 papers in scientific Journals and published two books. Among his recent research interests are the analysis of productivity impacts of investment climate variables in developing countries, communications technologies (ICT), risk management, liquidity of financial markets and on the econometrics of nonlinear time series and panel data. He has also published several papers in the area of time series and econometrics of nonstationary and nonlinear models. Dr. Álvaro Escribano Saéz has also notably served as a short-term consultant for the World Bank.

“International University Mobility For Cross Continental Cooperation”

A Lecture by Alvaro Escribano, Vice Rector, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2013
The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2013
(Berlin; December 17th - 21st, 2013)