The Hon. Mirko Tomassoni

Former Member of the Parliament of San Marino; Former Captain Regent of San Marino

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Mirko Tomassoni was Captain Regent – the Head of the State – of the Republic of San Marino ("Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino")

Born in San Marino on the 24th of April, 1969, Mr. Tomassoni entered the Civil Police in 1992. In 1999, a car accident changed his life forever, restricting him to a wheelchair and altering his perspectives on the issues of disability.

Elected to the Local Town Council ("Giunta di Castello di Montegiardino") for three terms, in June 2006 he successfully ran for a seat on the Grand and General Council—the unicameral Parliament of the State—as a member of the Party of the Socialists and Democrats. As Mirko Tomassoni became Captain Regent, he was the first-ever disabled Head of State of San Marino. As provided by the laws of San Marino, after being Head of State he returned to civilian life.

"The Contribution of Small European States to the United States of Europe"

A Lecture and Discussion with The Hon. Mirko Tomassoni, Member of the Parliament of San Marino; Former Captain Regent of San Marino, Member of the ICD Advisory Board, Minister Giuseppe Maria Morganti, Minister of Culture of San Marino
Berlin, June 7th, 2013