H.E Amb. Dr. Gebhardt von Moltke

German Diplomat; Former German Ambassador to London; Former German Permanent Representative to NATO


Gebhardt von Moltke studied Economics and Law from 1958-63 in Heidelberg, Grenoble, Berlin and Freiburg im Breisgau. After passing the first state examination he completed his practical legal training from 1963-67. Upon passing the second state examination he joined the German Foreign Service in 1968. From 1969-71 he was a staff member of the Foreign Minister's office in Bonn, 1971-75 he was employed in the Economic Department of the Federal German Embassy in Moscow, 1975 at the embassy in Yaunde/Cameroon and from 1977-82 in the Personnel Administration of the Federal Foreign Office in Bonn. Gebhardt von Moltke spent the years 1982-86 in Washington as a staff member in the Federal German Embassy's Political Department. Until 1991 he headed the German Foreign Office's US department in Bonn. From 1991-97 he was Assistant Secretary General of NATO for Political Affairs in Brussels. From 1997-99 he was German Ambassador in London. 1999-03 he was the Permanent Representative (Ambassador) of the Federal Republic of Germany on the North Atlantic Council (NATO) in Brussels.