Bill Cash (MP)

Member of Parliament for Stone


William was born in 1940. He was educated at Stonyhurst College, and Lincoln College, Oxford. He is married to Biddy, and they have two sons and a daughter. William is a qualified solicitor, and has his own practice in London - William Cash and Co.

Bill Cash's Experience
William was Member of Parliament for Stafford from 1984 until 1997, when he was elected Member of Parliament for Stone. Previous Parliamentary appointments include:

Chairman of the Conservative Backbench Committee on European Affairs (1989-1991),
Chairman of the All Party Committee on East Africa (1988),
Joint Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Alternative Medicine and
Vice-President of the Conservative Small Business Bureau (1984).

He has also been a Member of the Select Committee on European Legislation (1985), the Standing Committee on Financial Services (1985-1986), the Standing Committee on Banking (1986-1987), and the Standing Committee on Broadcasting Bill (1990).

William has campaigned against federalism in Europe but supports British membership of the European Union. He has campaigned for the reduction of red tape and co-ordination of government activity relating to small businesses (drafted the Small Businesses Bill), and has introduced The Protection of Shareholders Bill 1987. He has promoted competitive sport in schools, and was the first MP to put down an EDM in 1984 drawing attention to AIDS. He has also campaigned for fair play for British farmers and for improvements in the rural economy. His Right of Privacy Bill, which has the support of 307 MPs, is intent on curbing the growing invasion of privacy by the Press. William has also campaigned against the dangers of genetic engineering, and against violence and obscenity on television.

From 2001 to 2003, he served as Shadow Attorney General and has also been responsible for shadowing Constitutional Affairs in the House of Commons.