Participant Papers 2012

The International Symposium on CD in the USA

June 2012

Author(s) Paper title
Dr. Bridget A. Teboh, Associate Professor
History Department
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Culturally based Diplomacy in the British Southern Cameroon: Contextualizing African Female Body and the Colonial Gaze download »
Jameel M. Khan, Consultant/Analyst for Huron Consulting Group Inc.   Chicago, IL,                         Our Untapped Reserve And Necessity for Strengthening National Security Through Foreign Language Proficiency download »
Samson E. Liolio, Master’s  student of Peace and conflicts studies, the European Peace University, Austria Re-thinking the State apparatus of Counterinsurgency; its rise to classical terrorism: A case study of Boko Haram in Nigeria download »
Dr. Zekeh S. Gbotokuma, Founder, Polyglots in Action for Diversity, Inc.
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Morgan State University
Barackcracy: Obama’s Cultural DNA and Diplomacy in “A New Beginning” download »