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Case Studies in Cultural Diplomacy

The following case studies have been written by the ICD- Alumni members and various individuals from across the world, engaged with Cultural Diplomacy related issues. The views presented in these case studies do not necessarily represent the views of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

Author Title
Adom Balogh Hungary and Cultural Diplomacy
Ana Filipa Teles Portugal and Cultural Diplomacy
Anastaysia Rubanik British-Russian Relations - The Modern State
Cultural Diplomacy as a tool of Conflict Prevention
Andreea Sepi Nation Branding - The Case of Romania
Ángela Matínez Amador Multilingualism as a cohesion factor in the European culture
Anis H. Bajrektarevic Structural Differences in Security Structures of Europe and Asia: Geopolitical Imperatives
Between the "Arab Spring" and the Thai Elections
What China wants in Asia: 1975 or 1908? (Gunboat diplomacy in the South China Sea - Chinese strategic mistake)
Future of Europe (Of Lisbon and Generational Interval)
Between the "Arab Spring" and the Thai Elections
Is There Life After Facebook? Geopolitics of Technology and Other Foreign Policy Essays (Book Review by Murray Hunter)
The Caspian 5 and Arctic 5 - Critical Similarities
Europe of Sarajevo 100 years later from WWI to www
Prof. Anis Bajrektarevic & Carla Baumer Climate Change and Re- Insurance- The Human Security Issue
Europe of the new Bysantium
Arwin Rahi Hamid Karzai’s Defiance of His Key Ally: Reasons and Motives
Bernadet van den Pol The connection between culture and climate change
Bojana Perisic Britain and Europe: a History of Difficult Relations
Caroline Rambaud The Alliance Française and its Activity in Latin America
Cassandra Stachniw Kenya's Reaction to the American Election
Christine Pokrandt Germany's Lingering Identity Crisis
Daniel Domingues Tweeting the Revolution - The Role of Social Media in Political Mobilisation
Dario Deserri The Italian - German Relationship: The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Europe
Dr. Despina Prinia "Love Costs"- Cultural Diplomacy & Social Solidarity in the Age of Crisis
Elodie Gérôme Evolution of Cultural Diplomacy
Emilia Delia Dragulescu The Romanian Cultural Institute- A Need for Consistency
Emre Kovacs and Murray Hunter Geo-cultural strategy for Eurasia - A Paradigm for New Silk Road
Erik  Nemeth Market Value of Culture: Quantifying the Threat to Cultural Identity
The Art of Cultural Intelligence: intelligence for countering threats to cultural property in conflict
Eva Maurina Latvia - 20 Years After its Independence (or a trade-off?) Example of the former Soviet Union country Latvia
Dr. Fabrice Serodes A Common European cultural policy in the European Union
Giedre Pranaityte Lithuanian Cultural Diplomacy: Challenges and Achievements
Gregory Freeland Music and the Rise of Caribbean Nationalism: The Jamaican Case
Hakim Khatib Islamists in Power Easy Come, Easy go!
Hamid A. Rahman The Forbidden word - A Deliberate Misinterpretation of EL-Dood's Poems
Hwajung Kim Cultural Diplomacy as the Means of Soft Power in an Information Age
The Importance of Nation Brand
Understanding Cross Cultural Communications in the Business Sector of South Korea
Jamil Seddiqi Strategic Communications in Afghanistan’s Transition Context
Jani Juhani Mustonen Searching for China's Use of Soft Power in the ECFA with Taiwan
Jenni Leppänen Capoeira as Cultural Diplomacy
Joel MacMillan NAFTA's socioeconomic effects on Mexico
AFRICOM-Expansion of the American empire or the key to African prosperity
2006 World Cup: Changing Internal German Perceptions
Seats at the Table
Johanna Können Cultural Diplomacy and the Debate on Turkey's Accession to the EU
Kateryna Vyrlieieva Cultural Diplomacy as a tool of Conflict Prevention
British-Russian Relations - The Modern State
Krzysztof Osesik Germany and Poland: Public Opinion on the Rise?
Laura Abzhaparova The peculiarities of the Central Asian multilateral diplomacy
Luis Antonio Vidal Pérez POP POWER: Pop Diplomacy for a Global Society
Malte Koppe On why we need a German-Turkish Youth Office
Marie Mainil The Moral Imagination in Brazil
Marta Osojnik Cultural Diplomacy and the European Union: Key Characters and Historical Development
Martin Milinski Iran and the United States
Mary Einbinder Cultural Diplomacy Harmonizing International Relations through Music
Matt Medici The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Constraining the use of Nuclear Weapons
Mikhail Fomin A Concept of Teaching languages in Bilingual (Multilingual), multicultural Setting
Mirsada Hallunaj Parliamentary Diplomacy as a Helpful Instrument in Foreign Policy
Mohammad Naseem The Role of Cultural Diplomacy and SAARC in Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan
Molly MacParland Bridging the Green Line - The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
Mudasser Mehdi Khan PAK-EU Relations after 9/11
Murray Hunter Perpetual Self Conflict
Integrating Islamic approach to the organization
Knowledge understanding and the God paradigm
Samsara and the organization
ASEAN Nations need indigenous innovation to transform their economies but are doing little about it
How feudalism hinders community transformation and economic evolution: Isn't equal opportunity a basic human right?
Europe: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue
Nicolas Serge Creative Industries and Cultural diplomacy
US Global Competitiveness and Leadership- Radical innovation and marketing life cycles
Niels Klabunde Cultural Diplomacy as "Soft Power" and the Need for Cultural Knowledge in Germany's Mission in Afghanistan
Reena Devi Glass Bridges: Cross-Cultural Exchange between Florence and the Ottoman Empire
Samson Eyituoyo Liolio Rethinking Counterinsurgency: A Case Study of Boko Haram in Nigeria
Sarah Imani Cultural Diplomacy 'From Below'
Prof. Dr. Sergio Matheus Garcez Adoption's juridical protective condition in Latin American Civil Law
Sofia Teixeira Perdigao Postcolonial relations between Europe and its former African colonies
The European Court on Human Right's Perspective on Freedom of Religion
Soraya Franco De Pena Cultural Diplomacy in Dominican Republic its relevance in 2014
Stavroula Ntotsika German-Greek Cultural Relations: Ancient Greece Meets Modern Germany
Stefanie Layer Manga & Anime - an exploration of Japan's soft power
Sven Horak Enabling cultural diplomacy through sports sponsoring: The case of North Korea
Sylwia Zdziech Cross-cultural Communications: A Real Challenge For Diplomats?
Tatjana Sehic Airpower- The Significance of the „Air Dance“ for International Relations
Tommaso Tidei One-way ticket
Vannesa J. Panaligan Pilgrims Prayers and Profits- Assesing the Cultural Significance and Economic Value of Lourdes
William Hernád The Russian Minority in Estonia
Yasmeen Asfour Promoting a Culture of Debate across the Arab Region
Dr. Zemaida Kastrati Mozali Diplomatic Missions abroad