Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in Afghanistan & Central Asia

"Democracy, Development, and Diplomacy in Afghanistan & Central Asia"

(Berlin; June 21st - 23rd, 2013)

All Nations Festival
(Tag der offenen Tür in Botschaften & Kulturinstituten Berlin)

During the "Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in Afghanistan & Central Asia," participants will have the exciting opportunity to attend the 13th All Nations Festival in Berlin. The All Nations Festival Berlin will grant an insight into the diverse cultural aspects of the participating countries and will allow participants the chance to experience International Relations in practice. Not only will embassies open their doors to the public, but  many other cultural institutions will grant free access to their facilities, thus creating a great occasion for participants to find out more about the host countries. Visitors will also have the chance to have "visas" inserted into their free Festival Passes as a souvenir at each location included in the All Nations Festival. The Festival Pass will also help the visitor find their way around Berlin with a guide to public transport, however, there is no set route, so visitors are free to combine this experience with other aspects of Berlin sightseeing. In the past, The All Nations Festival has involved embassies from all around the world, including Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan which is central to the theme of the Symposium.

Concept of the All Nations Festival

The All Nations Festival is an exceptional opportunity to get to know the customs and traditions of nations that participants are less likely to come across in their day-to-day lives. In 2010, the All Nations Festival was presented with the “Germany – Land of Ideas; 365 Locations within the Land of Ideas” award which is given only to events deemed to have an enduring impact on Germany's cultural sustainability. These awarded locations stand for imagination, passion, and drive for the implementation of ideas that put Germany at the forefront of Cultural Diplomacy, giving people the chance to participate in cultural exchange.

Development of the All Nations Festival

The All Nations Festival is held in Berlin every year in close collaboration with the Berlin embassies and cultural initiative institutes throughout the capital. This being the 13th time the event has been held, a positive development regarding the number and diversity of participating embassies and cooperating cultural institutions.

2013 Program

The All Nations Festival 2013 will include the participation of several embassies and cultural institutions that will allow visitors to experience as many diverse cultures and traditions as possible. Partner embassies and organizations will include:
  • Embassy of Afghanistan
  • Embassy of Bolivia
  • Embassy of Burkina Faso
  • The Chinese Cultural Center
  • Embassy of Ethiopia
  • Embassy of Indonesia
  • Embassy of Iraq
  • Embassy of Jamaica
  • Embassy of Kyrgyzstan
  • Embassy of Kosovo
  • Embassy of Lesotho
  • Embassy of Luxemburg
  • Embassy of Malawi
  • Embassy of Malaysia
  • Embassy of Malta
  • Embassy of Mexico
  • Embassy of Mozambique
  • Embassy of Nepal
  • Embassy of The Philippines
  • General Delegation of Palestine
  • The Slovakian Institute
  • Embassy of Venezuela
  • The Konrad Ardenauer Academy Foundation

For more details on the All Nations Festival, please click HERE