Schloss Kaltenberg Forum on Cultural Diplomacy 2023

"Cultural Diplomacy's Role in Widespread Growing Global Conflicts Era"

(Munich; November 16th - 19th, 2023)


The change over the past three decades from an international system based on independent Nation States to an interdependent world facing global challenges, is currently being tested by significant challenges. The constant and repeated call for greater international cooperation over the last decades is becoming more silent and instead, in its place, major conflicts in many areas and fields across the world are rapidly developing and escalating. Conflicts between superpowers, international trade-wars, climate catastrophes and massive abuse of media and social networks through fake news and public shaming are just few examples of such challenges that have given birth to a: “Widespread Growing Global Conflicts Era."

The Schloss Kaltenberg Forum on Cultural Diplomacy will focus on and analyse these major shifts in the context of the "Widespread Growing Global Conflicts Era" through a Forum program consisting of discussions, debates, and cultural activities. The Forum will then build on the foundations of these discussions to explore the best practices for Cultural Diplomacy to serve as a vehicle for supporting the global community in its efforts to implement successful practices and policies to tackle this growing social unrest.