The History and Culture of Bulgaria

(Berlin, ICD House; November 25th, 2013)

The Event was organized by Antoniya Markova and Christa Georgieva
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On the afternoon of Monday, November 25th, 2013, ICD interns Antoniya Markova and Christa Georgieva held a presentation about the history and culture of Bulgaria. The presentation was very informative and well received, giving both the fellow interns and staff members a wider knowledge of the origins and traditions of Bulgaria. Antoniya and Christa covered the extensive history of Bulgaria succinctly, from its early formation, to the communist coup of 1944, and its subsequent collapse in 1989, and all the way to the present day. The interns were fascinated to learn about the transformations Bulgaria has undergone over the last 1200 years, especially over the last 200 years and how these changes have contributed to Bulgaria's culture and political make-up.

The presentation raised awareness of the way in which the history of Bulgaria has shaped the country, paying particular attention to the pivotal role that various national heroes, artists, musicians and politicians have played in this. Learning about the modern political history of Bulgaria was also very interesting to the ICD interns, master's students and staff alike.

The presentation went through the national dishes, traditional dances, locations and various traditions that make up the country of Greece. Towards the end of the presentation Antoniya and Christa showed a video that detailed Bulgaria's relationship with the European Union. Following the presentation a discussion between interns and staff took place concerning Bulgaria's history with Communism, stereotypes of Bulgarians and the political situation in Bulgaria.