Polish Cultural Evening

(Berlin, ICD House; March 25th, 2013)

The Event was organized by the Polish ICD Interns
On the 25th of March, 2013, several ICD interns arranged a Polish evening at the ICD House to give participants a small taste of Polish culture. Departing interns Jakub Cywinski and Kasia Gluszak organized a screening of the seven-part miniseries, From Poland With Love, which offers viewers bite-sized insights into various cultural aspects of Poland, including the country’s music, cinema, and art. Through the screening of the miniseries, interns learnt about Polish cultural icons including the rapper Vienio, the band Mitch & Mitch, and movie director Xawery Zulawski.

One of the major focuses of the miniseries is the vodka of Poland, and specifically the long-running dispute over the origins of one of the worlds most widely consumed spirits. It was therefore fitting that interns had the opportunity to sample a number of Polish vodkas in the interludes between episodes. The Polish tradition of eating pickles after drinking vodka was an alien concept to most, although this proved to be a popular manner of consuming the drink, and we were also treated to cheese and homemade Polish baked goods.

All in all the event proved to be a success with a good turnout, and was a fitting way to say goodbye to many of our Polish interns who are departing at the end of the week.