Music by KišQuiche at the ICD

(Berlin, ICD Office; August 5th, 2013)

The Event was organized by Vendula Marešová

The Czech-French musical duo KišQuiche performed for students, staff and interns at the ICD in Berlin on Monday August 5th. The quirky combination of vocals, btbx software and harp delighted the audience on the terrace of the ICD office during lunch break, whilst delicious quiche and refreshing drinks were served. The duo consists of Czech singer Vendula Marešová and French harpist Célestine Doedens. The name KišQuiche was inspired by the duo’s bilingualism; ‘quiche’ is in reference to the typical French dish, and the playful Czech interjection ‘kiš kiš’, a word for teasing someone.

KišQuiche enjoy busking in the streets, playing in small clubs and providing musical accompaniment to silent films. They performed both their own songs and covers in French, Czech and English. Some of the songs played on the terrace were composed using poems written by Arthur Rimbaud and Kateřina Pěkná. In addition, Célestine performed a solo where she played a Romanian dance, Geamparele, and the French Mazurka. Vendula sang some Czech solos, including: Nebe na zemi by Voskovec, Werich and Ježek and Sedávám na domovních schodech by Cahn, Chaplin, Kainar and Plíhal.

“Overall the performance was a great success and KišQuiche received extremely positive feedback from the audience, who thoroughly enjoyed having some entertainment during their lunch break. The ICD now looks forward to more impromptu performances throughout the summer," according to ICD intern Amy Williams. The event was a great way of introducing audience members to the various styles available in music from around the world, thus creating a truly beautiful environment for sharing culture.