ICD Secret Santa

(Berlin, December 13th, 2012)

The Event was organized by the ICD Interns’ Council
To celebrate the winter holidays and the coming of the New Year, the ICD Interns’ Council organized a “Secret Santa” gift exchange on December 13th, 2012. A week before the actual gift exchange, interns and staff members were asked to a pick a name out of a hat and prepare a small, inexpensive gift for their randomly assigned person. Part of the fun was that no one knew who they would be receiving gifts from and only on the day itself would everyone get to know their “Secret Santa.” Various gifts were given such as flowers, sweets, chocolates, and wine. Some more creative ideas included postcards and poems. 

The event got the ICD’s diverse range of interns discussing and sharing their different holiday stories and traditions. Different cultures apply many of their own values and traditions in how they celebrate the winter holiday, and this exchange was both enriching and fascinating.

The exchange of gifts certainly put a smile on everyone’s face, and the most exciting part of the celebration was to wait for the recipients to open their beautifully packaged presents and see just how creative everyone was. The event proved to be a wonderful experience as it helped to bring everyone together and create stronger friendships at the workplace.