H.E. Amb. Domitille Barancira

Ambassador of the Republic of Burundi to Germany

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H.E. Ambassador Domitille Barancira was appointed Ambassador of Burundi to Berlin after a long career of judicial service.  She studied law at the University of Burundi before beginning her career as a judge on the Burundi Court between 1983 and 1996.  Between 1992 and 1996 she held the position of Deputy Chair of the Supreme Court, followed by two years as the Chair of the Bujumbura Appeals Court.  Starting in 1998 she was concurrently Chairwoman of the Commission of Reform and Modernization of the Burundian Justice System and the Chair of the Constitutional Court.  Upon her appointment to the position of ambassador, H.E. has been a member of dialogues such as Copenhagen Summit on carbon dioxide emissions and various dialogues on Africa.  She is fluent in French and English.