Participant Papers 2011

The Language of Art and Music

February 2011

Aleksandra Boskovic Montenegro - culture within the international context and European integration download »
Alessandra McAllister Of networks and nation - placing national identities in Internet social sites download »
Anita Morgan Towards the creation of a shared space in a divided Northern Ireland - the role of humour in the songs of Tommy and Colum Sands download »
Bianca Predoi Reframing some topical issues of art: Kitsch between the contemporary art language and the management of values download »
Chloe Preece Identity and branding in the boundaryless career - an analysis of visual artists' career trajectories download »
Clarice Zdanski The role of the arts in shaping Europe's future - intercultural communication in art education download »
Colin Lawson Painting Sound:the collaborative work of musician Bartosz Dziadosz and painter Colin Lawson download »
Craig Robertson Music and conflict transformation in Bosnia: constructing and reconstructing the normal download »
Dobrila Popovic Music and stage projects as model of international cooperation download »
Eva Vass Creativity, connectedness, embodiment and affect download »
Holly Van Leuven The rhythm of learning - why the shortest distance between cultures is tin pan alley download »
Dr. Ioana Petrescu & Dr. Kit MacFarlane Poetry and Cultural Bridges: Beyond Politics and Economics download »
Jacquelynne Modeste Globas swing - identifying structure in the impovised world download »
Judith McKimm-Vorderwinkler Can music play a role in intercultural dialogue? download »
Natalia Grincheva The 'starfish' of cultural diplomacy: social media in the toolbox of museums download »
Regina Höfer Strategies of Global Communication – Contemporary Tibetan Art and the West download »
Reginald D. Patterson Violin hero and the knight's blues download »
Rokus de Groot Music at the limits - Edward Said's musical elaborations download »
Romana Franjic Stories and storytelling - added value in cultural tourism download »
Sarah Wardle The international linguistics of art and music download »
Susanna Niiranen Singing and rapping experiences of being in a minority in Southern France and in Samiland download »
Vivian Chetraru Evolutions of the cultural policy - Romania from 1989 - 2006 download »