Participant Papers 2012

The ICD Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2012

December 2012

Author(s) Paper title
Abeer Alrawashdeh
PhD candidate of English Literature, Swansea University, UK
Geographical Borders and political Maps in Ghosh's The Shadow Lines and Kanafani's Men in the Sun download »
Dr. Diana Barsham
Lecturer of Cultural History at NYU, London, UK
Homer's Weeping Horses: Cultural Perspectives on War in the Context of Global Education download »
Prof. Elena Eltc
Аssistant professor at the Department of International Humanitarian Relations, School of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Balkans and Russian Foreign cultural policy download »
Dr. Harriet Häußler
Lecturer of art history is20th/21st century and art market studies, the Freie Universität Berlin-  the Kunsthistorisches Institute
Robert Rauschenberg: ROCI and its consequences for today's intercultural exchange download »
Hyat Mohamed
M PHL Student of media and communication at the Swansea University, UK
Media and peace Building in the Era of Globalisation download »
Janine Graf
BA in International Politics and Third World Development; MA in International Conflict Analysis
Becoming Somaliland: "… one thorn bush at a time …" download »
Dr. Lincoln (Nic) Theo
Lecturer in Film Studies, the Film and Video Program, Media Department, Cape Peninsula University of Technology,
Cape Town, South Africa 
Encouraging Intercultural Understanding and Empathy in a Multicultural World: Shifting From Mythopoetic Paradigms in Film Screenwriting download »
Prof. Mark W. Meehan
Associate Vice President and Professor at the Rivier University,, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.
Traditional Islamic Philosophy and Art, Liminality, and Effective Cultural Engagement download »
Muhammad Ibrar Mohmand
Ph.D. student of Social Work and a Lecturer at the Institute of Social Work, Sociology & Gender Studies, University of Peshawar  Co- Author-  Raazia Hassan Naqvi
Pakistan's Cultural Diplomacy with India download »
Raazia Hassan Naqvi
PhD scholar. Institute of Social Work, Sociology and Gender Studies, University of Peshawar & a Lecturer of Social Work, University of the Punjab, Pakistan Co- Author- Muhammad Ibrar Mohmand
Cultural History of Indian subcontinent; with special reference to Arts and Music download »
Raymond Watson
Visual Artist, main focues on social transformation in Belfast and Northern Ireland, Belfast, Ireland
Belfast Flags of Hope – 'in to harmony - out off discord' download »
Richard Bonfatto
Aassistant director general City of Hyères, France; Member Alliance Française of Marseille Provence
Francophony: Outlook and Indicator of Cultural Diversity download »
Sharon Elizabeth Burke
PhD researcher at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Cultural Diplomacy in Times of Trouble: The 'Real Ambassadors' of Cold War America download »
Timo Graf
PhD Fellow at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), Germany
The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in China-EU and Muslim-US Relations: An Empirical Analysis of Public Perceptions download »
Yemisrach Negash
The reform and quality assurance office,  EiABC (Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, building Construction and City Development), Ethiopia
The Impact of International Leadership Practice on Institutional Culture: The Case of EiABC, Ethiopian institute of Architecture, Building construction and City development download »